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News - ray-ban

Six of the Best: November 2018

November 2, 2018

Six of the Best November 2018: We round up the six best Ray-Ban Junior Glasses for you child....

EyeWearKnowledge – Why Ray-Ban Junior Glasses?

November 30, 2018

Ray-Ban is the biggest eyewear brand in the world. Everywhere you look, or anyone you ask about eyewear, undoubtedly...

In Focus – Ray-Ban Colonel 3560

May 11, 2018

Ray-Ban Colonel 3560. The Aviator has been reinvented into a flattering square shaped frame. (Read Time Approx: 2 minute,...

Ray-Ban Wayfarer vs New Wayfarer – EyeWearKnowledge

January 25, 2019

Ray-Ban. Arguably the the biggest eyewear brand in the world. They provide some of the newest and coolest looks....

In Focus – Ray-Ban Nina 4314 Sunglasses

November 23, 2018

Ray-Ban Nina 4314 – Back again with a new persona. (approx Read Time: 1 mins 20 sec)  ...

In Focus – Ray-Ban Marshal 3648

July 13, 2018

Ray-Ban Marshal 3648 – A geometric take on a military style. (approx Read Time: 1 mins 40 sec)...

In Focus – Ray-Ban Justin 4165

March 30, 2018

Ray-Ban Justin, 4165, a modern take on the Original Wayfarer....

In Focus – Ray-Ban Original Wayfarer RB2140 Sunglasses

April 6, 2018

Ray-Ban Original Wayfarer Sunglasses – RB2140, one of Ray-Ban’s best selling sunglass styles in the world. Here we take...

In Focus – Ray-Ban Blaze Aviator 3584N Sunglasses

August 31, 2018

Ray-Ban Blaze Aviator 3584N – The classic aviator re-imagined. (approx Read Time: 1 mins 40 sec)...

In Focus – Ray-Ban New Wayfarer 2132

June 29, 2018

Ray-Ban New Wayfarer 2132. The younger sibling of the Wayfarer is just as diverse as the Original Wayfarer.  ...

In Focus – Ray-Ban Round Metal 3447 Sunglasses

May 25, 2018

Ray-Ban Round Metal 3447 Sunglasses . Ray-Ban re-invent a classic 60’s model fit for a modern-day style. . (Read...

In Focus – Ray-Ban RB8318CH Chromance Sunglasses

March 2, 2018

Ray-Ban Chromance – RB8318CH, Ray-Ban combines ultra modern styling with unique Chromance lenses to create the RB8318CH sunglasses....