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Six of the Best February 2019

February 1, 2019

Six of the Best February 2019: This month we look at our top valentines gift ideas. We round up 3 pair for her and 3 pairs for him.

(Read Time Approx: 2 mins 25 seconds)

Stuck on what to get your Valentine this year? Why not some designer sunglasses? They’re a little more thoughtful than chocolates and last longer than flowers. We take some of our best picks and round them up into the top 3 for him and for her. These include Oakley, Tiffany and Ray-Ban to name a few. So if you need that little bit of inspiration, keep scrolling to get some Valentines Day gift ideas.


1. Ray-Ban Nina Sunglasses

Ladies first. Our top pick for her is a pair of Ray-Ban Nina sunglasses. Why? Well, they’re pretty new to market. Not only that, but they feature a highly fashionable tiny Cat-Eye shape. One that has been absolutely everywhere! Many have turned to cheap versions. This is dangerous as many don’t have the right UV protection, subjecting the eye to harmful UV damage. So, with the Nina, not only will you be choosing a fashionable frame, but one that will save the eye health of your valentine. These fashion focused sunglasses, are sure to be a winner and with the Ray-Ban name, you are guaranteed quality.

Six of the Best February 2019 Valentines Special - Ray-Ban Nina Sunglasses | EyeWearThese.com

Six of the Best February 2019 Valentines Special - Miu Miu 01ss Sunglasses | EyeWearThese.com


2. Miu Miu 01ss

Our second pick for her is the Miu Miu 01ss. The reason why, might be quite obvious just by looking at the design. We have featured these Miu Miu sunglasses previously. However, we couldn’t omit them from a Valentines focused feature. The heart shape just oozes valentines day. And for that reason, it would be perfect. Obviously with the style of these sunglasses, we believe that these will suit a younger audience. For added reassurance that these sunglasses are a great choice, singer, Ariana Grande owns a pair. Furthermore, the round shape is a great trendy style at the moment. Couple this with the design and these will be ideal for the valentine who loves a festival. As these sunglasses would complete that Music Festival outfit.


3. Tiffany 4128B Sunglasses

Finally we come to the Tiffany 4128B Sunglasses. Tiffany is one of, if not the biggest name in jewellery. But if you want to go for something a little less cliche this valentines day, why not go for Tiffany Sunglasses. They feature the distinct Tiffany blue that makes the brand so special. Not only that but these feature an infinity detailing on the temples. A popular feature in Tiffany Jewellery. We love the super feminine design of these sunglasses. The rectangle shape will flatter many face shapes, and the slight winging at the end pieces adds a feminine flare to a delicate frame.

Six of the Best February 2019 Valentines Special - Tiffany 4128b Sunglasses | EyeWearThese.com

Six of the Best February 2019 Valentines Special - Oakley Siphon Sunglasses | EyeWearThese.com


4. Oakley Siphon Sunglasses

First up for the men is the Oakley Siphon Sunglasses. These arrive in the newest Oakley Release, making these a fresh new Oakley design. The Siphon is designed specifically for men. Explaining the masculine design. The design takes inspiration from Oakley’s heritage and wearable art. From this, we think the Siphon cuts an almost futuristic, techy style. Ideal for that man who loves Oakley. Oakley Siphon Sunglasses boast the tech we expect form Oakley, such as the three-point fit, unobtainium features, HDO lenses, Prizm lens choices and an O’Matter Frame. Therefore, ensuring a comfortable, robust and top of the class optical experience.


5. Oliver Peoples The Row NYC O’Malley  Sunglasses

Next we have the Oliver Peoples O’Malley sunglasses with a twist. The regular O’Malley sunglasses are one of our best sellers. And for good reason too. However, these are a reimagination of the classic. NYC brand The Row have many collaborations with Oliver Peoples, one of them being the Row O’Malley. Much is the same, such as its devilish good looks, retro charm and hand crafted frame. Yet it is a little larger. Perfect really. This makes the round lens more wearable for a larger audience. Those with larger heads can finally enjoy the beauty of the O’Malley shape. These sunglasses are bang on trend with their design. Meaning these will be a winner with any fashionable male valentine.

Six of the Best February 2019 Valentines Special  - Oliver Peoples O'Malley The Row Sunglasses | EyeWearThese.com

Six of the Best February 2019 Valentines Special - Ray-Ban Blaze Aviator Sunglasses | EyeWearThese.com


6. Ray-Ban Blaze Aviator Sunglasses

Our final pick in our Six of the Best February 2019 valentines special is the Ray-Ban Blaze Aviator Sunglasses. These are a take on the iconic Ray-Ban Aviator 3025 sunglasses. They take all we love about the classic Aviator and add a Ray-Ban Blaze twist. This brings a super contemporary 21st century feel the design. Lens choices vary from mirror or gradient. Two that were very popular in 2018. And a strong top-bar is present. This is different to the standard 3025 sunglasses, but panders to current trends. As do the thin temples. These help shed weight and add a modern twist. If these are too ‘loud’ for your valentine, the classic Ray-Ban 3025 Aviator is a great alternative.