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Wearing Ray-Ban Sunglasses

In Focus – Ray-Ban Round Metal 3447 Sunglasses

May 25, 2018

 Ray-Ban Round Metal 3447 Sunglasses . Ray-Ban re-invent a classic 60’s model fit for a modern-day style. .

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Ray-Ban Round Metal 3447 Sunglasses

by Joshua Paget / for eyewearthese.com / In Focus

Ray-Ban Round Metal 3447 Sunglasses | Banner for Ray-Ban Metal Round In Focus | EyeWearThese

In the 60’s John Lennon pioneered the round sunglasses. In particular, boosting this styles reputation. Now in the new millennium, Ray-Ban reincarnate the unisex 3447 with modern twists and technology.

The round shape is a style that jots in and out of fashion. Currently, it stands as a popular shape. This style is fluid with a retro feel. The round shape echoes the days of the Beatles. The bridge and temples sit higher than usual which adds a contemporary look. These features work synonymously to allow the lens to pop. Brighter colored lens choices stand out and provide a youthful feel. Alternatively, the G-15 lens option offers a grounded and intellectual choice. Subtle design elements appear on this minimalistic frame. A dotted design runs around the rim, temples and bridge. This design adds texture and another dimension to the design. Furthermore to this subtle design, the temples transform from a flat design to a cylindrical one. The temples also effortlessly find themselves apart of the 3 barrel hinge. This accentuates the fluid design of this frame.

Ray-Ban Round Metal 3447 Sunglasses | Green Ray-Ban Round Metal 3447 Sunglasses | EyeWearThese

Ray-Ban Round Metal 3447 Sunglasses | Ray-Ban Round Metal 3447 Sunglasses blue and G-15 | EyeWearThese


The thin metal design ensures a lightweight frame. Therefore the wear will be comfortable and sustainable for long periods of time. The temple tips are plastic. This ensures a comfortable fit around the ear. Also, the nose-pad arms are adjustable, which also will provide a more personalized and comfortable fit. Choices of lenses include the G-15 lens. The G-15 offers more clarity and a ‘natural vision’ while protecting from glare and 100% of UV rays. Therefore protecting the eye from strain, possible cataracts and helps prevent headaches. Other choices include a mirrored lens which will also prevent glare, and is a more fashionable choice.

The Ray-Ban logo is only visible on the traditional position on the lens when the frame is worn. This is perfect for those who are conservative about designer names. These unisex Ray-Ban Round Metal sunglasses are great to extend your personality through your eyewear. They truly embody Luxottica’s term ‘wardrobing‘. The lighter lens options will look great for a summer pool holiday or at festivals. In contrast, the darker lenses will perfectly fit for an everyday look.

Ray-Ban Round Metal 3447 Sunglasses | Purple Ray-Ban Round Metal 3447 Sunglasses bottom banner | EyeWearThese