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Wearing Ray-Ban Junior Glasses

In Focus – Ray-Ban Junior 1554 Glasses

October 26, 2018

Ray-Ban Junior 1554 glasses. A cool and smart frame for kids.

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Ray-Ban Junior 1554 Glasses

by Joshua Paget / for eyewearthese.com / In Focus

Ray-Ban Junior 1554 Glasses In Focus banner | EyeWearThese

To welcome our new line of Ray-Ban Junior Glasses we focus on the 1554. A cool, trendy style that is perfect for your child. In addition they’re not only stylish but also practical.

The design of these children’s designer glasses are familiar. They follow the trend of fashion and of the Ray-Ban eyewear created for adults. Ensuring your child is comfortable and on trend. The design is very reminiscent of the Ray-Ban 7046; a design we love at EyeWearThese! A rounded style is one that is on trend. But more importantly softens the facial features and doesn’t impose. Allowing your child to be a child and not maturing them prematurely. A Key hole bridge throws in a retro element. This looks super cool and adds an element of sophistication. Perfect for school! Not only will they see the board, but look real smart. On the flip side, the stylish design ensures they always look great.

Ray-Ban Junior 1554 Glasses | Small Image | EyeWearThese

As the Ray-Ban 1554 is designed for the future Ray-Ban fans, an acetate frame is used. This is perfect for ever changing face size of your child. Due to the material’s properties these can be constantly reshaped to secure a good comfortable fit. One that will sit securely when sitting still, and more importantly when running and playing. Furthermore, the fit is enhanced by the nose-pads integration to the frame. This stops the frame from wobbling when moving. In addition, acetate is light and durable. Therefore, you child will experience a light fit that can withstand some inevitable bumps and scrapes. All while providing bright color options. The only way to improve these glasses would be to add Digital Blue Light Protection. This protects your child’s eyes from the dangers of blue light.