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Wearing Persol Glasses

In Focus – Persol 8359v Glasses

March 15, 2019

Persol 8359v Glasses. A classic style meets classic Persol technology.

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Persol 8359v Glasses Review

by Joshua Paget / for eyewearthese.com / In Focus

Persol 8359v Glasses Top banner for In Focus Blog | EyeWearThese.com

Thinking of Persol, we alway think premium Italian quality. This is no different with the Persol 8359v. These glasses provide luxury and style, just like all great Italian fashion does.

The design is similar to a Clubmaster. Yet a little shorter, making a more rectangular look. This is ideal as it opens up the design to a wealth of ages and genders. The style is softened by the metal and premium acetate mixture. Plus the faux semi rimless design aids the softening of the design. Therefore making them perfect for all.

The 649 originally inspired the design. Therefore putting these glasses into the 649 series collection. The 649 was first designed for and used by Turin Tram drivers. This is due to the comfort, practicality and stylish nature of the product. Now, many years on, this still applies. However, the Persol 8359v Glasses are enjoyed by more than just Tram Drivers in Turin.

Persol 8359v Front on for In Focus Blog Post | EyeWearThese.com

Persol 8359v Glasses from above for In Focus Blog Post | EyeWearThese.com

The comfort comes from the patented Meflecto System. This is the lines you can see in the temples. This allows the temples to bend further to fit faces more comfortably. In addition, and very similar to the Meflecto System is the Victor Flex. This is pretty much the same as the Meflecto System yet on the bridge. This is the three lines in the key hole bridge. The purpose? To increase comfort, grip and fit around the nose. Interestingly, the key hole bridge is there for design. This pair has nose-pads, unlike most glasses with key hole bridge. This sits the bridge away from the nose slightly to give a great sense of comfort and design.

The Persol 8359v is ideal for those seeking premium stylish glasses with the upmost comfort. If you aren’t too taken by the clever technologies used to improve fit, why not try something more fashioned focused like a Ray-Ban Clubmaster?