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Wearing Oakley Sunglasses

In Focus – Oakley Siphon Sunglasses

February 22, 2019

Oakley Siphon Sunglasses are the product from years of Oakley heritage.

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Oakley Siphon Sunglasses Review

Oakley Siphon Sunglasses top banner for In Focus Blog | EyeWearThese.com

Since 1975 Oakley have been at the cutting edge of sports technology. From the humble bike hand grips to now the range of eyewear constantly flying off of shelves and websites, Oakley strive for the best. To celebrate this, the Siphon is the male desinged product that integrates the many years of heritage and wearable art.

It isn’t hard to see what inspires the design of the Oakley Siphon Sunglasses. Put the Siphon along side the Oakley Carbon Prime and it is almost like a carbon copy. But, with less carbon. Yes, the Siphons design is almost identical, but without the Carbon Fiber features. Instead, a fully O-Matter frame is present. This sheds weight, and makes the frame, virtually indestructible. This seems to be Oakley’s way of appealing to their fans. The Carbon Prime is a fantastic piece of eyewear. However, many are wary about using the sunglasses for sport with the metal features. Therefore, the Oakley Siphon Sunglasses tackle this full on and provide a similar style suitable for virtually any sport. They’re a lot cheaper too.

Oakley Split Shot view from above for In Focus Blog | EyeWearThese.com

When worn, the Siphon creates a shape that perfectly pays homage to Oakley styles of past. This includes the silhouette cut and the fit on the face. This is due to the saddle like nose-pads. These come from the sides of the rims, rather than the bung style that the Carbon Prime has. Some may prefer this as it fits closer to the face. Much like a Holbrook or a Latch. Others, not so much, as they aren’t interchangeable or adjustable. This is much like the O-Matter Frame. Many will love the lighter, more durable feel for sports. Others not so much, as it’s feel is lighter and less premium than the Carbon Fiber feel.

We think the Siphon thrives from a taller lens. This opens up a fit suitable for more faces and more sports. This is in comparison to the Carbon Prime. We also prefer the smoother front design on the Siphon. We think the rims and bridge being less beveled provides a more contemporary look. One that is cooler and subtler. This enhances the techy overall look. Especially the space before the hinge. This allows for airflow and sheds weight. But more importantly, keeps the heritage styling theme.

The Tech

Close up on Oakley Siphon Sunglasses for In Focus Blog | EyeWearThese.com

Like most Oakley products, especially sporty ones, the Siphon provides a host of technical features. Most visibly, the unobtainium temple sleeve. These span on the inside of the temple the the temple tips. Increasing grip, even when sweating. But also, on the Oakley Siphon Sunglasses, these add a design element, contrasting different colors of the frames.

The frame features the famous three-point fit. This ensures the Siphon only touches the nose and behind the ears. Therefore, reducing the pressure on the head when worn. Thus, allowing a long, more comfortable wear. All while allowing for a perfect optical fit to see through the HDO lenses. These lenses are also available in Oakley’s incredible Prizm lenses. And, finally, the wrap high wrap design allows for the 100% UV protecting lenses to fight against lights from all angles.

These sunglasses feature Oakley Icons that are visible from many angles, especially forward facing. Therefore showing off the brand perfectly. Overall we would say that the Siphon is perfect for any Oakley fan looking for a versatile sporting frame.

Oakley Siphon sunglasses bottom banner for In Focus Blog | EyeWearThese.com