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Wearing Maui Jim Sunglasses

In Focus – Maui Jim Makaha Sunglasses

September 21, 2018

Maui Jim Makaha. Rimless yet robust.

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Maui Jim Makaha Sunglasses

by Joshua Paget / for eyewearthese.com / In Focus

Maui Jim Makaha In Focus Top Banner | EyeWearThese

The Makaha shares its name with a chief said to be so handsome that the goddess of rain, Ke Anuenue, became smitten with him and blessed his valley with double rainbow. Popular with windsurfers and kiteboarders alike. The Makaha is ideal for watersports and everyday activities alike.

Look at the design of the Makaha and you will be forgiven if you thought they were an everyday style of sunglasses. If you didn’t spot the Maui Jim Sports logo perched on the top of the temple, the simple unassuming design lends itself to a fashion style. We think this is part of the charm. Most sports sunglasses look like just that. Whereas, the Makaha can do both. The rectangle wrap shape compliments many face shapes. Especially larger faces. Plus, the wrap shape prevents wind from blowing into the eye even at high speeds.

The rimless design sits light on the face, not interfering when concentrating heavily on the waves. The combination of the Rubberon saddle style Nose-Pads and rubberized inserts at the temple tip help secure the frame to the head. Perfect when leaning while windsurfing or enduring a bumpy Jet Ski ride.

Maui Jim Makaha Tilted | Maui Jim Makaha In Focus | EyeWearThese

Maui Jim Makaha | Close up of Maui Jim Makaha Temple | EyeWearThese

Maui Jim sunglasses always boast bags of technology. The Makaha is no different. The Grillamid frame is light, flexible and durable. Couple this with the anti-corrosive hinge and the frame will stand the test of time. Where Maui Jim sunglasses really shine, is with their lenses. This product boasts a Maui Pure lens. The most popular Maui Jim lens choice. It provides high clarity, shatter resistance and weightlessness. And, most importantly, they cut out 99.9% of glare. Due to the polarized lens, being on the bright open water will be more comfortable. Glare can cause eye fatigue and headaches, therefore the reduction of glare will provide a comfortable experience. Furthermore, the lenses provide 100% protection from UV light. In addition, they boast the Seal of Recommendation from the American Skin Cancer Foundation.

All in all, the Makaha is perfect for those wanting one pair of sunglasses that are wearable in the streets and on the waves. The build quality is high and lenses are amazing. For top of the class optics and protection, Maui Jims are always a good choice. These Makaha’s just happen to provide that and more.