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Wearing Giorgio Armani Sunglasses

In Focus – Giorgio Armani 6048 Sunglasses

November 2, 2018

Giorgio Armani 6048 Sunglasses – A no thrills just style approach to sunglasses.

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Giorgio Armani 6048 Sunglasses

by Joshua Paget / for eyewearthese.com / In Focus

Giorgio Armani 6048 Sunglasses top banner for In Focus | EyeWearThese

In anticipation of these Giorgio Armani sunglasses hitting our site, we look at them a little closer. From first glance these sunglasses are a thin cool contemporary style. Ideal for a stylish man who loves minimal stylings.

Honestly, we cannot get enough of this design. The contemporary style screams modern fashion trends. But at the same time, a stripped back design ensures these sunglasses won’t be out of place in years to come. A fashionable flat lens takes up most of the design. This is due to the super thin metal frame and temples. They remind us of the wire core usually seen within an acetate frame. Therefore we get a stripped back feel from these sunglasses. A rustic laid back vibe we love. Due to the thin frame and temples, these sunglasses are extremely lightweight. This ensures a comfortable long wear. Be that at the beach or walking around going about your day. Furthermore, the top of the rims feature a black layer. This cuts through the shiny gold metal frame. Adding a stark matte contrast which is appealing to the eye.

Giorgio Armani 6048 from above small image | In Focus | EyeWearThese

Giorgio Armani 6048 Sunglasses lens close up | EyeWearthese

In Addition to the thin temples, they curve slightly too. This curvature follows the shape of the head. This tries to eliminate pressure on the. Therefore ensuring a more comfortable fit. To further enhance this, the nose-pads are adjustable and the temple tips feature plastic bungs to grip for a secure fit. Not only should these light Giorgio Armani 6048 Sunglasses be comfortable, but will protect from UV light. The flat lenses are just stylish, but practical. Allowing the piece of mind that your eyes are protected from UV related health risks. In addition, those who are brand savvy will revel in the branding. The lens boasts the Giorgio Armani name. As does the temple. Therefore, ensuring instant brand recognition.

This succinct straight to the point style is a masterpiece. One that will suit many. One that will stand out from the crowds for all the right reason. Not because they are flashy, but because they do the basics right, and will compliment the face, not over power it. The Giorgio Armani 6048 are a real wearable style that will match many styles.

Giorgio Armani 6048 Bottom Banner | In Focus | EyeWearThese