Versace VE2161 Sunglasses | The Medusa Collection


Since it's creation, Versace has been a big influencer in the fashion industry. It's iconography leaves a lasting impression, and no more so than the Medusa. The Medusa has been ever present in the Versace logo. The VE2161 fit into the Medusa Collection with it's expressive and graceful design. The VE2161 design is for genuine power women. These sunglasses will bring distinctiveness and a contemporary glamour to an outfit. The metal frame will add durability whilst still being light to wear. The lenses are a very on trend mirrored lens.

Versace VE2161 | Side Versace VE2161 Sunglasses |
Versace VE2161 | Front Versace VE2161 Sunglasses |
Versace VE4348 | Versace Banner for Versace VE2161 Sunglasses |

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