Ray-Ban EVOLVE Collection – Don’t Fear Change



Ray-Ban introduces the EVOLVE Collection, featuring light exposure high sensitivity lenses on the most iconic style of the brand starting with the ultra cool Ray-Ban Aviator.

The story goes back to the 70s, when Ray-Ban first introduced the Ambermatic lens, a light yellow lens that responds to light by changing into a darker one.

The innovative EVOLVE lenses are washed lenses in grey, green or brown and also including the pioneering Ambermatic yellow lens; that become darker according to the intensity of light.

Offering almost complete eye protection (99-100%) and enhanced vision, the Evolve Collection conveys the true spirit of the brand – don’t fear to challenge yourself, don’t fear change.

Ray-Ban Evolve Collection | Front on Image | EyeWearThese
Ray-Ban Evolve Collection | Banner | EyeWearThese

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