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Ray-Ban Evolve Collection

Ray-Ban EVOLVE – Don’t Fear Change

Ray-Ban introduces the EVOLVE Collection, featuring light exposure high sensitivity lenses on the most iconic style of the brand starting with the ultra cool Ray-Ban Aviator.

The story goes back to the 70s, when Ray-Ban first introduced the Ambermatic lens, a light yellow lens that responds to light by changing into a darker one.

The innovative EVOLVE lenses are washed lenses in grey, green or brown and also including the pioneering Ambermatic yellow lens; that become darker according to the intensity of light.

Offering almost complete eye protection (99-100%) and enhanced vision, the Evolve Collection conveys the true spirit of the brand – don’t fear to challenge yourself, don’t fear change.

(Update: 12/03/2018) Ray-Ban Evolve Collection is expanding. The Ray-Ban RB3025 aviators and Ray-Ban RB3347 round metal sunglasses are the chosen products for the new evolve lenses. Pink/Violet colored lenses are a trend on the up in 2018. The evolve light-sensitive lenses will provide brilliant visibility in all different kinds of lighting conditions. Therefore these lenses are ideal for driving and everyday convenience as you won’t need to remove the sunglasses when the sun inevitably goes behind a cloud.

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