A Prescription is what you receive from your optician after an examination. This determines the strength of the lens. This will help to correct the patients vision. Typically the first column is the Spherical number (sph). The number will have a + or - next to it. This indicates whether you are long or short sighted. + is long, and - is short. The higher the number, the stronger the prescription. The next will be a cylinder number. This will only carry a number if your eye is more of a rugby ball shape rather than a regular circle. The + or - will determine the amount of the astigmatism. The third indicates the location of the cylinder. This is the axis and is a number between 1 and 180.

A number that isn't usually found on the prescription is the Pupillary Distance (PD). The Pupillary Distance is needed when purchasing the prescription eyewear on EyeWearThese or any other online retailer. You can ask your optician for this number, as they usually don't tell patients. This is to try and stop you from buying elsewhere. The measurement is the distance between the center of one pupil to the other. This allows for a more accurate lens.

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