Polarized Lens

A polarized lens is a special lens that combats glare. The lens has many advantages to the wearer including reduced glare, reduced eye strain and increased visual clarity. A lens that is polarized helps those who fish see past the surface of the water, skiiers and snowboarders concentrate on their task and cyclists, runners and drivers clearly see the road. Not only that, but for a day to day wear, the lens enhances viewing, making being out in the sun more comfortable on the eye and in some cases, more pleasing to see.

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Eliminates Glare


The main purpose for a polarized lens is to reduce glare rather than darken the landscape. Glare is the bright white light reflected from surfaces in sunny conditions. Glare washes out natural colors, which makes the world look less appealing. Furthermore, exposure to glare causes eye strain and headaches.






Enhances Contrast

Due to the combating of glare, contrast is enhanced. This is due to the lens only allowing certain wavelengths of light through the lens. The enhancement in contrasts allows for more natural colors to appear. Therefore giving the wearer a better optical experience.

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Reduces Eye Strain


The eye only reacts to one lighting condition at a time. Therefore when glare is present, the eye cannot adjust to the overall lighting condition and the glare. This leads to the eye working overtime, causing fatigue. Light also hits the eye in different parts at times, causing two images that the brain has to stitch together to produce a single image (what we see). This leads to headaches. With a lens that is polarized this is eliminated due to less glare.





Increases Clarity

The technology in a lens that is polarized cuts through the 'white noise' of glare. By cutting through the glare and enhancing the contrast through the lens, clarity is increased. This allows a wearer to see the world better and a sports person or driver to see the world ahead better than with glare.

Polarized Lens | Increases Clarity Image | EyeWearThese
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