Persol Telatura Weight Distribution


Telatura weight distribution was first introduced back when Guiseppi Ratti still ran the company. This process is manual, and yet another process that goes into Persol's handmade frames. The process ensures the frame's weight is evenly distributed across the face. Thus reduces the amount of weight burdened into the bridge area. This consequently reduces the amount of weight on the nose. The edges are eliminated on the underside of the bridge for a more comfortable fit. Uneven distribution of weight over time makes the frame feel heavy. The Telatura weight distribution is just one of many processes Persol use to make their frames more comfortable, another is the Meflecto Stem System. Lighter frames prologue the time the wearer can wear the eyewear. This is particularly is necessary on long drives or at work. Being uncomfortable in these situations will therefore hinder safety or productivity.

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