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Oakley Targetline – OO9397

Oakley Targetlink OO9397 | Targetline banner | EyeWearThese

Oakley Targetline OO9397

Oakley Targetline OO9397 | Front Lens Targetline | EyeWearThese

Oakley is renown for innovation and performance, and this product is no different. The Targetline incorporates a more lifestyle look along with the sports technology slant the brand is famous for. These Oakley sunglasses, like most, boast a Pryzm lens. The Pryzm lens sharpens visual acuity while balancing the benefits of a standard polarized lens. Colors are more contrasted and improve the wearer’s depth perception significantly, giving the wearer an advantage over an opponent. The lens is also a Plutonite® lens, which protects the eye 100% from UVA, UVB, UVC and Blue Light waves up to 400nm. Also, like most Oakley products, the Targetline thrives from XYZ™ Optics. This is where the lens is cut from the same piece of material, on the same axis. This ensures perfect optical alignment.


Oakley Targetline OO9397 | Oakley Targetline at an angle | EyeWearThese

Oakley Targetline OO9397 | Oakley Targetline side on image | EyeWearThese

The Targetline benefits from an angled brow and sleek temples. This design accommodates for hats. The frame plays friendly allowing hats to sit on the head without interfering with the sunglasses for a comfortable fit. This is an especially great feature for golfers who fight with sunglasses and hats. The lens is also taller. This not only gives it a more lifestyle look but also aids a golfer. When looking down at the ball before a swing, the lens is usually too short. With the taller lens, the wearer and look down at the ball and still see through the lens. The lens also benefits from being flatter. Being flatter, it allows for a wider range of prescriptions to be added to the frame.



The temple has an integrated side shield. This side shield combats backside glare that can occur. The temple is also textured. The mixture of the textured temple and the unobtanium nosepiece, the Targetline ensures a comfortable and a strong grip. The unobtanuim nose piece will increase its ability to grip when perspiring. The frame will benefit from Oakley’s Three-Point-Fit which ensures comfort while providing precise optical alignment.