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Oakley Radar Pace™

The Radar Pace™ - a real-time voice-activated coaching system. These performance sunglasses combine performance, eye protection and wearable technology. The product creates unique training programmes, tracks performance and coaches in the moment.

Using the Radar Pace™ app (available on App Store and Google Play store), the wearer can set a date for a race event or target to train towards. The Oakley Radar Pace™ will then create a training programme. While training the earwear use the built-in accelerometer, gyroscope, pressure, humidity, proximity to monitor heart-rate, power output, speed, cadence (rhythm or flow). From using the data and learning how the individual trains, Radar Pace™ sunglasses adjust the training zones to get the optimal training level for the individual. Like everyone, once a training schedule is in action, it can be easy to miss a training day due to other commitments or health. The Radar Pace™, therefore, takes into account the missed training and tailors the training to make up for the activities previously skipped.

Bluetooth®, Bluetooth LTE+ and ANT™ live within the product. This allows the sunglasses to connect with mobile phones. the data captured can then be shared with Run Keeper, Strava or Garmin Connect. This allows those who use smartwatches to continue with previous practice but with eyewear technology.

The product has a microphone which responds to voice commands such as asking 'the coach' performance levels or make commands to smartphones through Siri or Google Now. The left temple features a touch panel for phone control. The touch panel responds to swipe and touch gestures that perform different actions. The guestures include starting a voice command through Siri or Google Now, music control and dealing with phone calls.

Audio come through In-Ear Earphones called Booms. The Booms are attachable and detachable. The Oakley Radar Pace™ work with only one Boom if preferred. (Check what the law is in you location about cycling with the Booms in before use.)

Radar Pace™ are water resistant so can be used in the rain. Also, they feature Prizm Road Lenses. The frame is a polished black color. 'The Coach' is created by a collaboration of many years of sports science, world-class coaches and athletes.



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