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Oakley Prizm Lens


Oakley is the master of elevating eyewear optics and this is certainly true when it comes to the Prizm range of lenses. By fine-tuning individual wavelengths of the color spectrum, Oakley Prizm sharpens visual acuity whilst seamlessly balancing proven benefits such as a polarized filter. The result from a Prizm lens is remarkable, the detail which would normally be missed by the naked eye become obvious, contrasting colors become harmonized and depth of field greatly improved. The result is game-changing eyewear!


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Oakley Prizm Sport

Oakley Prizm™ lens technology has turned eyewear into vital equipment for sports. It all comes down to enhancing detail in the most precise ways to optimize your visual experience, and the result is game-changing performance.





Oakley Prizm Snow

PRIZM™ lenses are specially engineered to provide greater richness in your visual experience so you can perform better.


Oakley Prizm Snow Sport | EyeWearThese Glossary

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Oakley Prizm Everyday

Oakley Prizm™ lenses fine tune individual colors, enhancing detail for an optimized experience. With ordinary sunglass lenses, the world looks dull and flat, but Prizm lens technology makes everything look vivid and vibrant.


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