Oakley Polarized Lens


Glare can really ruin a day. The sun reflecting from surfaces and entering the eye can wash out natural colors and cause headaches and eye fatigue. These are annoying and avoidable affects of sunlight. Golfers constantly battle against glare reflecting from water hazards, bunkers and off of flat surfaces. Fishermen and women fight the glare off of the surface of the water. Drivers and cyclists fight the glare which can mask potholes. Then there are skiers and snowboarders fight the glare which distracts and drains mentally. All these scenarios need the clearest visual experience possible to maintain safety and performance. Oakley have the answer in the Oakley HD Polarized Lens. The lens throws away the traditional concept of sticking layers together with glue by a precise infusion mold. This provides a clearer view as the wearer isn't viewing the world through a thin layer of glue. Furthermore Oakley cut the lenses from the same piece of material at the same time to achieve a perfectly aligned axis. Meaning, unwanted glare cannot sneak through the lens.


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