Oakley Advancer Technology

Oakley have solved the problem of Fogging and overheating whilst exercising when wearing sunglasses with the Oakley Advancer Technology.






First seen on Oakley Flight Jackets and Field Jacket models, the Advancer technology helps combat the fogging up of lenses and causes of overheating. When cycling or running fogging and over heating can take place due to a lack of ventilation. The fogging interrupts the visual clarity of the wearer, in turn, impacting the performance. Without ventilation the head can overheat too. So, all the aerodynamic advantages recieved from high-end sunglasses and helmets are lost due to the body regulating your pace subconsciously. However, Oakley have brought the Advancer Technology to their products, as first seen April 2018. The little toggle features on the bridge of the products. The toggle rotates slightly away from the frame. This slightly pushes the product away from the the face. Sequentially enabling an airflow to battle with the fogging and over heating.

Oakley Advancer Technology | Close up of Advancer technology on Oakley Flight Jacket | EyeWearThese

The Advancer Technology can be seen in the video below:


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