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Miu Miu MU56TS Sunglasses | Scenique Collection

Miu Miu MU56TS

Miu Miu’s Scenique collection is all about creating a shimmering look. The extravagant designs are just that. All the designs feature crystals or crystal fabric inserts, enhancing the Miu Miu sparkling essence. The MU56TS encompasses this design ethos. They are oversized and an on-trend cat-eye frame. The MU56TS have 78 faceted crystals on the brow bar. The lenses are flat and rimless, which will make them lighter. They have a super feminine yet edgy shape. MU56TS have a folie influence and the brows really heighten this.

Miu MIu MU56TS | Miu Miu MU56TS Sunglasses on angle | EyeWearThese.com