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Polarizing Film eliminates glare from any flat, smooth or shiny surface for unsurpassed color, clarity and detail. Glare can be uncomfortable to the eye, causing eye strain, fatigue and possibly migraines. When looking into a body of water in sunny conditions without polarized film lenses the glare from the water is all that is seen. The polarized film eliminates the glare. Thus seeing into the water due to no glare.  This is perfect for when fishing, as the technology allows the wearer to see past the surface of the water. Furthermore, whilst driving, polarization eliminates glare from the road, and dashboard. This is an issue many drivers face in all weathers. Snow, rain and bright sunshine are all conditions that most commonly produce glare. The glare makes driving conditions increasingly more difficult due to reduced vision.

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Maui Jim polarizing film | Maui Jim Polarization Lens Technology |

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