Maui Jim Olili Sunglasses

Maui Jim announce a new Cat-Eye for the years to come. The Olili, pronounced Oh-Lee-Lee, is technologically advancing the humble Cat-Eye frame. Softer than a traditional Cat-Eye, these frames will suit more faces than before. 

The most striking feature when looking at the Maui Jim Olili Sunglasses is the lenses. A glossy nylon finish that creates the semi-rimless shape is contemporary. In addition, this adds a great feminine feel to the frame, shedding weight around the lens for a lighter looking frame. 

Yet, the best feature isn't one you see. It is in fact, one you feel. Maui Jim uses MauiFlex as the frame material. To me and you, this is like a memory foam mattress for your eyes. The bridge and temples adapt to your facial features for a custom fit. This, much like the mattress, adapts to your specific needs each wear. Ensuring you get the perfect fit each time.

This chique style, we believe, will be one that remains for a while. The updated features will be a winner with many. Plus the shape is a perfect blend between Cat-Eye and Round to offer a stylish, timeless look. One that will ride the waves of time where other trends seem to sink to the bottom. 

Maui Jim Olili has 3 styles. The featured style being the RS330-05. A Milky Almond colour (a Cream colour) and Maui's incredible MauiBrilliant Rose lenses. We are Fans of the HS330-10. A style that we think will fit many wardrobes and effortlessly fit into your autumn style just as easily as your summer one. 

 The Range

Maui Jim Olili Sunglasses HS330-02 | EyeWearThese

Maui Jim Olili HS330-10

Colour: Tortoise


Frame Material: MauiFlex and Nylon
Lens Material: MauiBrilliant

Lens Colour: HCL Bronze

Maui Jim Olili RS330-05 | EyeWearThese

Maui Jim Olili RS330-05

Colour: Milky Almond

Size: 55mm

Frame Material: MauiFlex and Nylon
Lens Material: MauiBrilliant

Lens Colour: Maui Rose

Maui Jim Olili RS331-05 | EyeWearThese

Maui Jim Olili GS330-02

Colour: Black Gloss

Size: 55mm

Frame Material: MauiFlex and Nylon
Lens Material: MauiBrilliant

Lens Colour: Neutral Grey

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