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Maui Jim Lens Technology

Maui Jim provide some of the most advanced and market leading lenses.  Each piece of technology within the lens works collaboratively to provide the best possible visual experience. All Maui Jim lens technologies provide many benefits to the wearer. These include benefits such as: eliminating glare, adding more protection to the lens or enhancing natural colors. Not the mention, making them easier to keep clean.

The color enhancing technology in the lenses enhances natural light instead of dimming it. So, the wearer can see more true colors.

Discover more about Maui Jim Color Enhancement

Maui Jim apply a coating to their lenses. This process is used so that glare and light from behind is eliminated.

Discover more about Maui Jim Ant-Reflective Lens Technology

Polarizing Film eliminates glare from any flat, smooth or shiny surface for unsurpassed color, clarity and detail. Therefore allowing the wearer to see more of the world.

Discover more about Maui Jim’s Polarizing Film

Clearshell® Coating adds a scratch-resistant layer to Maui Jim lenses and provides more durability. Therefore the wearer can trust the product will remain robust in activities.

Discover more about Maui Jim’s Clearshell® Scratch-Resistant Treatment

Oleophobic coatings make the product repel grease and makes smudges and fingerprints wipe away easier, therefore making maintenance of the product easier.

Discover more about Maui Jim Waterproof and Oleophobic Coating

Maui Jim Lens Technology