Maui Jim Hunakai Sunglasses

Maui Jim Hunakai is a game-changer. This fashion-forward style from the Hawaiian brand really shakes up the choice of shapes out there. If you want something a little different, that unusually still feels familiar, then the Hunakai is worth a look.

An inverted triangle shape isn't a usual style found. One done well is even harder to find. Yet Maui Jim has hit the nail on the head! These have the perfect blend of style and technology, making the investment well worth it. 

Hunakai is pronounced Hoo-Na-Kai. It is a translation of Sea Foam. Yet, this style has some going until it looks washed up! In fact, Maui Jim push the need for these sunglasses to be worn around the ocean for them to feel at home. We agree. Yet, we also think these sunglasses will fit perfectly within the city too. 

The frame can look small when not worn. Don't be put off by this. This isn't a frame just for smaller heads. The MauiFlex material moulds to your head. This gives a perfect fit each time. So, the Hunakai will adapt to a larger head, all while ensuring the fit isn't too tight either. 

There are three Hunakai's for you to choose from. And although these are unisex, we would say they are slightly more feminine due to the colourways. However, if it fits your vibe, face and style, no matter who you are, go for it! 

 The Range

Maui Jim Hunakai Sunglasses GS331-02 | EyeWearThese

Maui Jim Hunakai GS331-02

Colour:Black Gloss


Frame Material:MauiFlex and Nylon
Lens Material: MauiBrilliant

Lens Colour:Neutral Grey

Maui Jim Hunakai HS331-10 | EyeWearThese

Maui Jim Hunakai HS331-10

Colour: Tortoise

Size: 53mm

Frame Material: MauiFlex and Nylon
Lens Material: MauiBrilliant

Lens Colour:HCL Bronze

Maui Jim Hunakai RS331-05 | EyeWearThese

Maui Jim Hunakai RS331-05

Colour: Milky Almond

Size: 53mm

Frame Material: MauiFlex and Nylon
Lens Material: MauiBrilliant

Lens Colour: Maui Rose

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