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Emporio Armani EA4115 Glasses | Emoticon Collection


Emporio Armani EA44115 Glasses fall into the special Emoticon Collection. The brand was created in the early 80's to address the need for trendy customers who love the Armani DNA and has always been aimed at a younger market. These EA4115 are no different. The EA4115 are an optical frame with clip on magnetic lenses thus giving versatility on the go. The two clip on lenses come in solid or a mirror option, therefore transforming the optical frame into a pair of prescription sunglasses. This allows for the convenience of not having to carry around sunglasses as well as a pair of glasses. Finally, the dual purpose of the EA4115 glasses cut the cost of having to purchase prescription sunglasses or light transitional lenses,  as a result, creating a good investment.

Emporio Armani EA4115 | Emporio Armani EA4115 Glasses on an angle | EyeWearThese.com

These EA4115 are a rectangular shape, therefore they will suit a heart, rectangle, round and oval face shape.

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