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Duravision Platinum Coating

What is Duravision Platinum Coating?

DuraVision Platinum Coating (DVP) is the best in class coating for optical lenses. The Coating not only protects the lens but also enhances the wearers optical experience. The DVP allows for extremely clear views and many features to increase convenience and maintenance of the glasses. At the time of writing, the DVP coating is of the highest global technology. This allows for the purest vision through the thinnest optical lens available. Zeiss products are top of the range and come with a three year warranty enabling the wearer to have confidence in the products performance and piece of mind if it does perform as unintended.


How DVP Works

DVP makes the lens repel water and oils.  Therefore, water beads on the lens during rain showers, rather than smearing. This is true for oils and  fingermarks also. Hydrophobic and Oleophobic describes this feature. This originally takes inspiration from the lotus leaf. The surface is also very smooth which may sound simple but this makes the lens easier to clean. Zeiss incorporate the laws of attraction to make the coating anti-static to repel dust and lint. Having an anti-static lens means;  the cleaning cloth doesn’t create friction, in turn, the lens has a neutral charge. The static charge is what attracts more dust and lint, which requires more cleaning. With the Zeiss product, cleaning the lens is less of a chore and more of a rare occasion.

DVP has the properties of Anti-Reflective treatments. This prevents the reflections from the front and back of the lens. The way this is prevented is by the 99.5% light transmission allowed by the lens, which is the lowest a reflective coating offers. The Anti-Reflective treatment properties improve general vision by not having to look through a lens which is reflecting light, something which all glasses wearers know the feeling of. DVP reduces the glare from computer screens, something which adds to eye strain, a problem that can lead to headaches and eye fatigue. At work the glare hinders comfort and productivity. Whilst driving, the lights of car headlamps don’t reflect in the lens, which is a hazard and distraction that can be very problematic.