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Exposure to blue-violet light through digital screens is linked to macular degeneration, the world's leading cause of vision loss. We now know that the main source of harmful blue-violet light is computer screens, laptops, smartphones, tablets, TV's, fluorescent and LED lighting as well as natural exposure from the sun. Add preventative measures now, add a digital blue coating to your lenses from Zeiss Premium. Coating comes with 3 year warranty as standard.

What is DuraVision BlueProtect?

DuraVision BlueProtect is Zeiss's premium coating developed to block blue-violet light. DuraVision BlueProtect is the best blue-violet light blocking coating on the market to-date and comes complete with all the added benefit of Zeiss's DuraVision Platinum coating; namely:


Protection against harmful blue-violet light

ZEISS DuraVision BlueProtect strongly filters blue light shorter than 440nm. This range is of particular concern to eye care professionals. Reducing the eye’s exposure to this type of blue light helps prevent retinal cell damage and phototoxicity.


Superior anti-reflective properties compared to conventional anti-reflective (AR) coatings

The true measure of AR clarity is luminous reflectance: the lower the reflectance, the greater the clarity. The unique blue reflex color of ZEISS DuraVision Platinum reduces luminous reflectance by over 20% compared to conventional green AR-coated lenses. The result is sharper vision, particularly in high-glare conditions like driving at night or working on a computer.


Durability against daily wear-and-tear

Wiping a lens with a cloth creates static electricity, which attracts dust. DuraVision Platinum’s patented anti-static layer2 decreases the buildup of static electricity by over 90%, dramatically reducing dust on the lenses and keeping them clearer longer.

New ZEISS DuraVision Platinum AR lenses are three times harder than the previous generation of ZEISS anti-reflective (AR) lenses.


Extremely easy to keep clean

DuraVision Platinum’s super-slick topcoat leads the pack in both oleophobic (oil-repelling) and super-hydrophobic (water-repelling) performance, making the lenses extraordinarily easy to clean. Droplets of water and oil literally make less contact with the lens, so it’s easier to wipe them off.


Performance lasts the life of the prescription

Throughout the life length of the prescription lens, the protection is ever present. You are guaranteed to be protected for as long as you need the specific lens in the frame.


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