Digital Blue

Exposure to blue-violet light through digital screens is linked to macular degeneration, the world's leading cause of vision loss.

We now know that the main source of harmful blue-violet light is computer screens, laptops, smartphones, tablets, TV's, fluorescent and LED lighting as well as natural exposure from the sun. Add preventative measures now, add a digital blue coating to your lenses from Essilor Premium. Coating comes with 3 year warranty as standard.


What is Digital Blue?

Digital Blue is a quality coating developed by Essilor to block blue-violet light. All Digital Blue lenses come complete with a quality anti-reflective coating and quality hard coating by Essilor.

Performance lasts the life of the prescription and comes with 3 year warranty as standard. This means that the lens will protect from blue light radiation throughout the life time of the lens. But, if anything goes wrong with the lens, in 3 years, you are covered with a warranty. Blue Light is an increasing health risk due to the increased use of screens in our day to day life.

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