Clearshell® Scratch-Resistant Treatment | Maui Jim Lens Technology


MauiPure®, Maui Evolution®, Maui Brilliant and Polycarb lenses are scratch-resistant and more durable. This is due to the Clearshell® Treatment. Clearshell® features on the front and back of the lenses. Maui Jim lenses feature glass which naturally provide a high level of scratch resistance. The Clearshell® treatment just enhances this. No scratch resistant treatment is 100% scratch resistant. However, the Clearshell® treatment goes a long way to protect the lenses. Maui Jim manufacture sunglasses to be worn in sunny and cloudy conditions, at the beach or in the city. In other words, the products are versatile and robust for all different occasions.

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Clearshell® Scratch-Resistant Treatment | Maui Jim Clearshell Lens technology |

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