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Burberry – Mr Burberry Collection

Burberry - Mr Burberry Collection | Burberry Banner for Mr Burberry Collection | EyeWearThese

Burberry – Mr Burberry Collection


The Mr Burberry Collection release followed the fragrance launch. The Mr Burberry fragrance launched in April 2016 where the eyewear part of the collection launched in October of the same year. The collection sees two sunglasses and three optical frames added to the Burberry line. The shapes consist of Round of Square frames.


Burberry describe the ‘collection as classic yet contemporary’. They say that the collection ‘fuses sartorial elegance with rebellious attitude’. The campaign for the collection features British actor and musician Josh Whitehouse, who also was apart of the fragrance campaign. Josh Whitehouse is possible most well known for his role in the BBC One period drama, Poldark. The British actor plays the character Hugh Armitage.

Burberry - Mr Burberry Collection | Photo of Mr Burberry collection photoshoot being edited on screen | EyeWearThese

Burberry - Mr Burberry Collection | Josh Whitehouse in the Mr Burberry Collection Photshoot | EyeWearThese

The two sunglasses style are similar in style. The BE4232 has a square semi-rimmed shaped frame, a metal bridge and leather frames above the lenses. The leather gives a nod to Burberry’s menswear collections. While the BE4233 is a similar shape but full rimmed and made of acetate. The style also features a top bar which gives the frame even more of a masculine look. The BE2239 and BE2247 also have a simular style. Both are full rimmed acetate frames, although, the BE2239 have a square frame. Whereas the BE2247 boast a rounder shape. The BE1308 is a rectangle shaped semi-rimless style.

Burberry - Mr Burberry Collection | BE4232 Sunglasses | EyeWearThese




BE4232 Sunlasses




BE4233 Sunglasses

Burberry - Mr Burberry Collection | BE4233 | EyeWearThese

Burberry - Mr Burberry Collection | BE2239 | EyeWearThese




BE2239 Glasses




BE4427 Glasses

Burberry - Mr Burberry Collection | BE2247 | EyeWearThese

Burberrry - Mr Burberry Collection | BE1308 | EyeWearThese




BE1308 Glasses