Basics of Designer Eyewear - lenses


Understanding the basics of designer eyewear will enable you to buy online with confidence and avoid purchasing errors. In this guide, we look at lenses, their makeup, the role they play on a designer frame and the benefits to you, the user.

Basics of designer eyewear lenses | Lenses image | EyeWearThese

Highlighted in green in the image is the lens. It is what the user looks through when wearing the eyewear. They also add strength to the frame. A lens, in optics: piece of glass or plastic used to form an image. The lens is what the wearer looks through. Changing the shape of the lens surface distorts the view, this is done to correct vision. Changing the curvature of the lens will change the convergence of light rays, therefore magnifying or correcting defect of vision. Converging (outward curve) and diverging (inward curve) lenses achieve this. Sunglasses lenses can include technology to combat the harmful UV rays from the sun. The lens will also have a tint to reduce the light intensity.  

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