Basics of Designer Eyewear - Bridge


Understanding the basics of designer eyewear will enable you to buy online with confidence and avoid purchasing errors. In this guide, we look at the bridge, the role the bridge plays on a designer frame and the benefits to you, the user.

Basics of designer eyewear - Bridge | Bridge on glasses image | EyeWearThese

The bridge is a structural element. It's design houses the gap between the left and right eyes. Larger the Bridge, the wider or larger the wearers nose can be to ensure a comfortable fit, and visa versa. The Bridge supports most of the weight of the eye-wear. Bridges come in all different types. Shaped like an old fashioned keyhole; the key hole bridge fits on the sides and upper part of the nose, and best fits those with a small or flat topped nose. A saddle bridge is shaped like a saddle, the weight of the frame is spread across the top and sides of the nose and works well with heavier glasses. An adjustable bridge features nose pads that can bend to ensure a better fit. Finally the double bridge has a reinforcing bar above the bridge.  

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