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Wearing Ray-Ban Sunglasses

Get The Look: of actress Sarah Jessica Parker

November 16, 2018

Get the look: of Sarah Jessica Parker Wearing Ray-Ban Sunglasses.

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Sarah Jessica Parker Wearing Ray-Ban Sunglasses

by Joshua Paget / for Eyewearthese.com / In Get The Look

Sarah Jessica Parker Wearing Ray-Ban Sunglasses | Get the Look | EyeWearThese

The Sex and the City actress turns heads in a pair of Ray-Ban Wings sunglasses. The American actress, Sarah Jessica Parker boasts a pair of the statement sunglasses. Pictured in New York she really does show us how to tone down a pair of extravagant sunglasses to match a casual outfit.

A plain white shirt serves as a blank canvas to really allow the Sunglasses to take center stage. We think matching this with a pair of jeans really help nail that casual look. Furthermore, the white shirt adds lightness and light tones. Therefore contrasting the dark, and what could’ve been, heavy lens of the Ray-Ban wings. Minimal make-up and a natural pallet further enhances this. The addition of darker shades or highlighter would compete with the shades. That is never a good look and the shades wouldn’t compliment the face, instead overpower it.

Her jewellery hides away, which further allows the Ray-Ban Wings to shine. She achieves this with wearing her necklace under her shirt and earrings tucked under her hair. Thus allowing flashes of jewellery to shimmer and add kindly to her look. Not to clash with the Ray-Bans and jostle for prime time showing. We love the color of Wings chosen. Some may be put off by the traditional G-15 lens as it sits dark in the shield shape. However, SJP’s darker hair allows the dark lens to not over power her. In addition, the gold rims and frame are matched by her ombre hair, allowing them to sit well on her face.


The Ray-Ban Wings themselves are a great style. A delicate top bar contrasts the bulky shield lens perfectly. A one piece Nose-Pad wraps around the nose for a comfortable and secure fit. And finally the 80’s style adds a slight retro feel to a super contemporary trend.


Ray-Ban Wings Sunglasses Sarah Jessica Parker Wearing Ray-Ban Sunglasses | Get the Look | EyeWearThese

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