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Wearing Ray-Ban Sunglasses

In Focus – Ray-Ban Colonel 3560

May 11, 2018

Ray-Ban Colonel 3560. The Aviator has been reinvented into a flattering square shaped frame.

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Ray-Ban Colonel 3650

by Joshua Paget / for eyewearthese.com / In Focus

Ray-Ban Colonel 3560 | Banner for In Focus Ray-Ban Colonel Sunglasses | EyeWearThese

The Colonel is a part of the General collection by Ray-Ban. This collection takes inspiration from military styles, which is in keeping with the brand’s roots. Ray-Ban’s Colonel takes inspiration from the ever popular Ray-Ban 3025 Aviator. The design looks familiar yet unique at the same time. This could be the answer to those who love the Aviator, but the aviator shape doesn’t love their face shape.

Since the aviator’s creation, it has created the problem of not suiting many peoples face shape. The teardrop aviator shape is too deep for some. But, now comes the Colonel. The Colonel takes all that is great about the Aviator and reinvents it, into a square shape. The squarer shape will therefore suit more face shapes. This unique design boasts many features we have come to love about the aviator, like a double bridge. The top-bar is a feature synonymous with the aviator design and will make the frame more robust. The design is sleek, featuring a thin wire rim, and flat metal temples and top-bar. Therefore the weight is minimal, providing a light feeling frame for a comfortable wear. Furthermore, the Colonel boasts curved lenses. This provides an enlarged upper and lower field of view, which mimics that provided by the aviator.

Ray-Ban Colonel 3560 | Blue Gradient Lens Ray-ban Colonel Front on | EyeWearThese

Ray-Ban Colonel 3560 | Side on of Ray-Ban Colonel Sunglasses | EyeWearThese

Ray-Ban attaches the nosepads with thin metal nospad arms, of which are adjustable. This allows for a tailored fit making it more comfortable. Furthermore, the temple tips are also adjustable. The wearer can manipulate the temple tip to fit perfectly around the ear. Ray-Ban’s crystal (glass) lenses feature, which provides a high level of optics. The Colonel is available in a polarized or gradient lens. A polarized lens will reduce glare, allowing for a clearer more colorful viewing experience. The polarized option would be a great choice for those who decide to use the Colonel for driving. The polarized lens will reduce the glare induced headaches and eye fatigue. Thus allowing the wearer to concentrate better and for a more sustained period. The enlarged curved lenses also provide protection from 100% of UVA and UVB rays. These UV rays link to the health risks of cataracts and other vision problems.

The branding on the frame is subtle. The Ray-Ban name is etched into the temple which is more visible on lighter frames than the darker. Ray-Ban’s name is written in the traditional way, on the corner of the lens. Overall the Colonel looks like a futuristic icon that will sit alongside the classics like the Wayfarer, Clubmaster and Aviator. The reimagined design draws on its predecessors and the 21st Century to bring innovation while stull staying loyal to the Ray-Ban DNA.

Ray-Ban Colonel 3560 | Bottom banner for Ray-Ban Colonel sunglasses In Focus blog | EyeWearThese