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Wearing Persol Sunglasses

In Focus – Persol 3110s Sunglasses

April 13, 2018

Persol 3110s Typewriter Edition. The Italian brand takes inspiration from the typewriter to create a whole eyewear collection.


Persol 3110s Typewriter Edition

by Joshua Paget / for eyewearthese.com / In Focus

Persol 3110s Typewriter Edition | Persol 3110s Typewriter Edition In Focus banner | EyeWearThese

The humble typewriter receives a tribute from Persol. The detail and extra care in production needed within the time of the typewriter sits perfectly in the Persol brand. The Persol 3110s are no different, and echo this beautifully. If you are looking for design, style and a top quality product, you get it all within the 3110s. Like all Persol products, the Persol 3110s is handmade in the Lauriano Factory in Italy, like they always have been. Therefore, guarantees a high level of craftsmanship and time has gone into making each product. It also ensures that each is unique in its own way.

Persol have incorporated the typewriter into the 3110s in many subtle ways. Each line and groove is created because of the influence of the typewriter. Firstly the bridge features grooves on the front, created by lasers. These replicate the typing keys on a typewriter. The color of the metal used for the bridge changes with the color of the frame. Each frame will contrast cohesively to add a gorgeous design element. The temple tips also feature these grooves. Instead, these grooves represent the typing bars on a typewriter. Overall these subtle changes to a classic retro design embellish a powerful minimalistic design.

For long days in the sun, be that on holiday, on a long walk or driving, these Persol sunglasses should provide ultimate comfort. The frame material is acetate which is well known for its strength and lightweight properties. The bridge and nosepad arms are a thin light metal which will be lighter on the nose. Therefore the frame won’t sit heavy on the face. The nosepads themselves are adjustable. Thus allowing you to position them to your nose exactly, giving a personalized fit.


Persol 3110s Typewriter Edition | Front on of the right lens of Persol 3110s Typewriter Edition | EyeWearThese


Persol 3110s Typewriter Edition | Persol 3110s Typewriter Edition side front lenses | EyeWearThese

The Persol 3110s feature the Melflecto Stem System. Melflecto Stem System is a patented Persol technology to create added comfort to the wearer. The technology encourages the temples to bend to the wearers face without damaging the frame. This, therefore, releases the pressure that some frames can cause from pressing on the side of the head over time. All Typewriter Collection products, like the 3110s include an extra Malflecto line. This, consequently, adds more flexibility, resulting in a more comfortable, personalized fit.

The lenses within the 3110s are of some of the best on the market. The lens is UV400 and protects against 100% of UVA and UVB light. This will help you prevent from nasty eye damage and the health risks associated such as cataracts. The lenses are polarized. This will enhance colors that you see and prevent from glare. Glare can wash out natural colors and ruin your visual quality. With a polarized lens glare will be nullified, so all the money spent to go to a picturesque location isn’t wasted because of glare. Glare can also cause headaches and eye fatigue. This makes driving with a pair of 3110s fantastic as they will allow you to be more comfortable and alert while driving.

If you are brand conscious and love showing off the best designer, then the Persol 3110s won’t disappoint you. The Persol name appears subtly in many places on the frame. The brand name features on the inside of the temple. This features neatly on the opposite temple of the Typewriter Edition name. The font used for the Typewriter Edition text is in the classic American Typewriter font. The outer right temple tip brandishes the Persol name, as does the nosepad arms, which can is visible through the clear silicone nosepad. Original lenses feature, a small engraved Persol logo. Finally, the unmistakable arrow of Persol eyewear features. The arrow takes inspiration from swords of ancient warriors.

This retro, unisex style frame will compliment many styles and occasions. The frame can transform to a casual frame to a formal frame with the right outfit. This versatility, comfort and build quality makes for a pair of sunglasses you can reach for and trust time and time again.

Persol 3110s Typewriter Edition | Side on of Persol 3110s Typewriter Edition | EyeWearThese