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Wearing Oakley Sunglasses

In Focus – Oakley Flight Jacket 9401

July 6, 2018

Oakley Flight Jacket 9401 – Fog is a thing of the past with the Flight Jacket.

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Oakley Flight Jacket 9401 Sunglasses

by Joshua Paget / for eyewearthese.com / In Focus

Oakley Flight Jacket 9401 | In Focus Top Banner | eyeWearThese

Continuously, Oakley bring out hit after hit of performance eyewear. Most bring designs that people love or loathe. The introduction of the Flight Jacket is no different. Internet forums are a bustle with discussions with fanatics loving or loathing the design. One thing you can’t argue with is the high-quality technology within the Flight Jacket. Like we have all come to expect, the frame is full to the brim with technology to enhance your performance. The Flight Jacket is a performance product aimed at Cyclists and Runners in particular.

When cycling or running, eyewear can be a hindrance rather than a godsend. ‘Fogging up’ is a phenomenon most, if not all, runners and cyclists will be familiar with. The sun is shining and there is nothing better than to pound the road or hop on the bike. But the mixture of heat, effort and moisture obscures your view as it condenses onto the lens. Which, when cycling can be extremely dangerous. For the first time, the Flight Jacket features the new Advancer™ technology. This is a toggle, that when pulled, pushes the frame slightly away from the face to allow a flow of air to de-fog and prevent further fogging of the lens. Amazingly, the visual experience isn’t compromized as the frame still sits in line. Three-Point Fit technology helps aid this. Marry this with Unobtainium® features and the frame should stay in place without slipping. Even when perspiring.

Oakley Flight Jacket 9401 | In Focus Red Frame | EyeWearThese

Oakley Flight Jacket 9401 Black frame  In Focus | eyeWearThese

An O Matter™ frame ensures that this semi-rimless frame is light and durable. The Flight Jacket’s design is very reminiscent of the ever popular Jawbreaker, yet with a semi-rimless frame. Only the bottom rim supports the lens. This enhances the upper field of view, which is extremely useful for those sprints on the bike. Like the Jawbreaker, the temples are adjustable in length. Therefore the Flight Jacket plays nicely with helmets and hats instead of fighting for headspace. The lens options for the Flight Jacket are Prizm lenses. These lenses provide some of the best optics in the universe while filtering out 100% UVA, UVB and UVC light. Therefore you will see the road ahead clearer and with more protection.

The Flight Jacket is one of the most technologically advanced performance sunglasses. If you are serious about your cycling or running then these are for you. Or if you are at the end your tether because of your current sunglasses fogging, we recommend trying the Flight Jacket. The design, we think is futuristic and refreshing. The different choices of colors allow you to stand out as much or as little as you want to and the sharp and distinct lines in the design offer a contemporary look.

Oakley Flight Jacket 9401 Bottom banner In Focus | EyeWearThese