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In Focus – Oakley Crosslink Zero OX8076 Glasses

June 1, 2018

Oakley Crosslink Zero OX8076 Glasses – Oakley marry the Crosslink® collection with the Zero® sunglasses collection.

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Oakley Crosslink Zero OX8076 Glasses

by Joshua Paget / for eyewearthese.com / In Focus

Oakley Crosslink Zero OX8076 Glasses | Top banner for In Focus Oakley Crosslink Zero | EyeWearThese

The Crosslink Zero falls into the Crosslink Collection. This is a glasses range, with a sport edge. Each product within the range provides a different feature. The Pitch has interchangeable temples. Crosslink Switch has interchangeable lens facilities, and the Zero concentrates on the sporty twist. The whole range boasts Oakley performance features. This enables a 21st-century lifestyle to blossom, from working through to an active lifestyle.


Oakley Crosslink Zero stands out as the sporty frame in the collection. The design is mature and sleek. It is also available in many colors. This allows for a wide range of choices to fit many styles. The design takes inspiration from the Oakley Zero® range. Zero® is a sports sunglasses strand of the Oakley brand. Oakley’s Crosslink Zero has a high wrap style design which provides a comfy fit. The bottom part of the rim on the Crosslink Zero has an angled edge which is reminiscent of the EVZero Path sunglasses design. Overall the design echo’s the Oakley sports culture while having an activity-friendly design.

Oakley Crosslink Zero 8076 Glasses | Front on image for Oakley Crosslink Zero | EyeWearThese

Oakley Crosslink Zero OX8076 Glasses | Angled image of Oakley Crosslink Zero for In Focus Blog | EyeWearThese

Like all Oakley products, the Zero is laced with tech. The primary frame material is Oakley O’Matter™. O’Matter is a patented material Oakley manufacture which is 25% lighter and 2x stronger than acetate. Therefore the frame will be light and durable. To further enhance the fit, this frame boasts Oakley’s Three-Point-Fit technology. The technology ensures the frame only touches the head in three places. Thus reducing pressure on the head, while maximizing fit and alignment. Therefore the Zero provides an exquisite fit for performance and vision correction. Unobtanium® components feature on the frame. The temples and nose-pads feature this. Unobtanium is an Oakley technology that enhances grip even when perspiring. Furthermore, hidden under the Unobtanium coated temples is a wire core. The wire core is easily adjustable, allowing for a personalized fit.

Overall the Oakley Crosslink Zero is perfect for those who require glasses all day and lead an active lifestyle. The fit ensures they stay on the face, while still being light. The frame will easily transition from work to play. Furthermore, removes the need for an extra pair.

Oakley Crosslink Zero OX8076 Glasses | Bottom banner for In Focus Oakley Crosslink Zero | EyeWearThese