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Wearing Giorgio Armani Glasses

In Focus – Giorgio Armani 5057 Glasses

June 22, 2018

Giorgio Armani 5057 Glasses – Giorgio Armani bring the retro into the now.

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Giorgio Armani 5057 Glasses

by Joshua Paget / for eyewearthese.com / In Focus

Giorgio Armani 5057 Glasses | In Focus Top Banner for GA5057 Glasses | EyeWearThese

These classic round shaped glasses will add sophistication and style to any outfit. The thin frame will not overpower the face and therefore will subtly perch across the nose. Due to the thin frame, all day comfort is guaranteed.

The shape is very popular in 2018. Looking into the future, this style will date slowly due to its timeless styling. The simple yet effective design ensures that the frame isn’t just for now. It draws on a familiar design while adding an added twist. The thin temples feature a twist design near the end pieces. The plastic temple tips add a welcomed break from the metal frame. Not only that, but they will add more comfort around the ear compared to metal. If you are a seasoned eyeglasses wearer, you may have experienced all glasses wearers worst nightmare. The screw coming out of the hinge. A screwless hinge eradicates this. With this pair of 5057 the hinge glides without a screw, therefore preventing loosening and rusting. The screwless hinge will also provide a good fit. Furthermore, the nose-pads are adjustable on the design. Thus providing a more personalized fit.

Giorgio Armani 5057 Glasses | GA5057 Glasses Front on image | EyeWearThese

Those who love their branding will enjoy the etched branding on the flat temples. We think that these frames are a great minimalistic choice. The frame will be lightweight, simple yet effective. Also, due to it’s thin frames, they will be versatile to be worn at any occasion.

Giorgio Armani 5057 Glasses | Bottom banner for In Focus Blog GA5057 | EyeWearThese