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Wearing Bvlgari Glasses

In Focus – Bvlgari 2186 Glasses

March 9, 2018

Bvlgari Serpenti Collection – BV2186, inspired by Greek and Roman mythology, Bvlgari creates the Serpenti Eyewear Collection.

Glasses from the iconic Bvlgari Serpenti Collection

by Rose West / for eyewearthese.com / In Focus

Bvlgari 2186 Serpenti Glasses Banner | EyeWearThese

A man of Greek heritage who lived in Rome, Sotirio Bulgari founded Bvlgari in 1884. These two artistic cultures have therefore influenced Bvlgari’s designs. The Serpenti collection began with jewellery and has since grown to add watches, sunglasses, glasses and bags. The snake has featured in Bvlgari products for 60 years and has become one of their most iconic symbols. In Greek and Roman mythology, the snake represents positive characteristics such as strength and rebirth due to the shedding of the skin. To Bvlgari, the snake motif represents wisdom, vitality and seduction and captures the essence of the urban woman. The Serpenti Eyewear Collection offers a range of playful and colorful designs. Due to the detail on these exquisite designs, it takes an average of 12 weeks to produce one single frame. Hand painted enamel and hand placed crystals replicate the original Serpenti jewellery collection.

From Bvlgari’s Serpenti Collection, we introduce the BV2186 glasses. Bvlgari 2186 have an ultra feminine, luxurious and delicate feel to them. The up swept cat-eye style lifts the face optically and as a result they particularly suit square shaped faces. However this versatile style also suits heart, rectangle and oval faces. The sophisticated design features curved slender temples that emulate the body of a snake. Snake scales are hand painted on to the top brow and consequently this becomes the main focal point of the frame. Extremely strong, flexible and lightweight, the metal frame is anti corrosive and therefore ensures a long and comfortable life. Plastic temples tips provide extra comfort and adjustable silicone nose pads ensure a personalized fit for individual comfort. These glasses are perfect for your everyday eyewear choice and are adaptable to any occasion and wardrobe.

Bvlgari 2186 Serpenti Glasses Close Up | EyeWearThese

Add your prescription to customize the glasses and create eyewear that perfectly suits your needs.

The Serpenti Collection is designed for a contemporary bold woman, looking for eye catching designs, uncompromized luxury and precious details. Add a touch of glamour to your everyday style and choose the Bvlgari 2186 glasses for your next prescription eyewear.