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Wearing Burberry Sunglasses

In Focus – Burberry 4232

May 4, 2018

Burberry 4232 Sunglasses. Part of the Mr. Burberry Collection, the British heritage brand create a model for all situations.

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Burberry 4232

by Joshua Paget / for eyewearthese.com / In Focus

Burberry 4232 | Burberry banner for 4232 Sunglasses In Focus | EyeWearThese

These Burberry 4232 Sunglasses are a part of the 2016 Mr Burberry Collection. The square frame follows simular designs to the classic Ray-Ban Wayfarer or Persol 3105S, but with a Burberry twist. The frame’s design ensures a timeless style, which therefore, will be fashionable for years to come.

Burberry takes a classic design and reinvents it into a style worthy for the urban male. The design compliments a casual outfit or a polished, tailored look. The frame is minimalistic in design, enhancing the subtle design littered on the frame. The focus is drawn to the detailing above the lens. This rubber detailing nods to the clothing apparel of the Burberry brand. It also creates the effect of the frame being larger around the eye. The thin temples continue the minimalistic trend. Thus, allowing for the detailing on the front of the frame to take centre stage. The rims are a thin metal and, on most colorways of this product, contrast the rest of the frame. This adds a contemporary look and a masculine, definite line. This is perfect for those with round, heart or oval shaped faces, because the lines will add angular lines to the face.

Burberry 4232 | Front on imgae of Burberry 4232 Sunglasses lens | EyeWearThese

Burberry 4232 | Side view of Burberry 4232 sunglasses | EyeWearThese



These frames aren’t just great to look at, but also have features to improve the optical experience and comfort. Some versions of the 4232 come with polarized lenses. This will eliminate glare, improve viewing distance, depth perception and enhance natural colors. The lenses also protect 100% from UV rays. This guards against health risks like cataracts that associate with UV damage. The silicon nosepads are attached by a metal nosepad arm. These nosepad arms are adjustable, therefore will provide a personalized, more comfortable fit. Furthermore, the temples curve inwards, this feature ensures a better fit.

For those who are brand savvy, these sunglasses subtly display the Burberry branding. On the temple, the Burberry name sits humbly. The inside of the temple, where it meets the hinge, boasts an etched metal design which is reminiscent of the famous Burberry check. This also goes for the nosepads, which house the same design. The lenses are slightly curved, so those who are looking for prescription sunglasses will need to get more information before buying.

Burberry 4232 | bottom banner for in focus blog on Burberry 4232 sunglasses | EyeWearThese