Understanding your face shape is key to choosing a frame that will truly work for you. Get this wrong and it could be the difference between a stunning frame looking slightly odd or a stunning frame looking like it was meant for your face! Getting the shape correct means your glasses will frame your face, look balanced and accentuate bone structure. It’s important to remember designer frames are designed to fit a specific face shape so getting this right will mean awesome looking frames and sunglasses every time you shop.


Your face will fall into one of six shapes, namely: heart, oblong, oval, round, square or diamond. The best way to determine yours is to take a selfie, flat on, and study the outline of your face. If this proves unsuccessful asking friends or family is often the best option.

Below we have identified the key features for each shape, this will make the process easier for you. We also have an essential guide that feature do’s and don’ts and recommendations for each face shape.


Key features of a diamond-shaped face:

  • The sides of the face are wider than the top and bottom. Put simply, if you traced the centre of your hairline to your cheekbones and finally to your chin you will have a diamond shape.
  • The top and bottom of the face are similar in size and shape, often with an angled jaw line. Diamond faces have pointed chains and high, dramatic cheekbones.

Do’s and Don’ts for a diamond-shaped face:

  • Do choose frames that highlight your eyes and soften the cheekbones, this will draw attention to the eyes and balance the shape.
  • Do choose round, oval or cat-eye shapes.
  • Do choose rimless or semi-rimless frames.
  • Do choose top-heavy frames where the colour in darker at the top than the bottom, this will frame your eyes and help emphasize the cheekbones.
  • Don’t choose narrow frames where the lens is much wider that tall, these will simply highlight a narrow eyeline.

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Key features of a heart-shaped face:

  • The top of the face (forehead) is the widest part of your face, often with an angled jaw line.
  • The sides of the face are wider than the jaw line, think a large ‘V’ shape with a flatter or rounded top.

Do’s and Don’ts for a heart-shaped face:

  • Do choose round, or oval frames.
  • Do choose rectangular frames, they offer a creative contrast to balance the heart shape.
  • Do choose rimless frames as long as they are light in colour.
  • Don’t choose a frame where the colour is lighter at the bottom and darker at the top, you need to avoid top-heavy shapes or colour’s to balance your narrow chin.
  • Don’t choose gradient lenses when buying sunglasses.
  • Don’t choose frames that have a thick frame.
  • Don’t choose frames that are wider at the top than the bottom, these accentuate your top-heavy shape which is to be avoided.

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Key features of an rectangular-shaped face:

  • A long face of equal proportion and your chin has a very slight curve.
  • The top and bottom of the face are narrower than the sides.
  • Typically you will have straight cheek lines and/or a long nose.

Do’s and Don’ts for a rectangular-shaped face:

  • Do choose rectangular and square frames as you are looking to add width to your face, not depth.
  • Do choose aviator frames but avoid full tints as these will look bottom heavy, always opt for a gradient lens in sunglasses.
  • Don’t choose rimless, narrow or short frames as these simply add length to an already long shape.

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Key features of an oval-shaped face:

  • The side of your face are softly rounded, think egg shape and well balanced.
  • The top and bottom of your face are symmetrical in shape.
  • Typically you will have high cheekbones.

Do’s and Don’ts for an oval-shaped face:

  • Do explore and be bold, if you have an oval-shaped face you have the pick of all frames, the only limitations are your taste, lucky you!
  • Do choose frames that are as wide or wider than your face, this will keep the natural balance of the shape.
  • Do get creative, there are a multitude of colours and styles that you can match to outfits, hair colour, skin tone or maybe you want a frame to reflect your personality or mood.

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Key features of a round-shaped face:

  • A round shaped face is where the top, bottom and sides of your face are very similar in size.
  • Your cheekbones are the widest part of your face and you have a rounded chin.
  • Typically your face is fairly short.

Do’s and Don’ts for a round-shaped face:

  • Do choose rectangular or square frames, these will naturally balance the round edges of your face shape and add contrast.
  • Do choose colour or decoration on the temples (arms) as this will help break-up the round shape with a feature.
  • Do choose a frame with a heavy brow bar (the upper-most centre of the frame) as this will draw the eye upwards giving the appearance of a longer face.
  • Don’t choose small rounded frames.
  • Don’t choose oversized frames, these will just make the round shape look even rounder!

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Key features of a square-shaped face:

  • A square shaped face where the top, bottom and sides of your face are very similar in size.
  • You face will nearly be as wide as it is long.
  • Typically you will have a broad, deep forehead and square chin.

Do’s and Don’ts for a square-shaped face:

  • Do choose frames with rounder, soft edges to off-set the square angles.
  • Do choose aviator, round, oval and pear-shaped frames.
  • Don’t choose square frames.
  • Don’t choose thin, angular frames with bold edges these will accentuate the square shape.
  • Don’t choose frames that have a darker colour to the bottom of the frame that the top of the frame, this will highlight the square chin.

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