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Wearing Ray-Ban Junior Glasses

EyeWearKnowledge – Why Ray-Ban Junior Glasses?

November 30, 2018

Ray-Ban is the biggest eyewear brand in the world. Everywhere you look, or anyone you ask about eyewear, undoubtedly know about or own Ray-Ban eyewear. So with a massive range of kids eyewear available, why should you spend a little more on designer Ray-Ban Junior glasses?

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Why Ray-Ban Junior Glasses?

By Joshua Paget / For EyeWearThese.com / EyeWearKnowledge

The more eagle eyed EyeWearThese fans already know we now stock Ray-Ban Junior glasses. For those who haven’t yet noticed. We now stock Ray-Ban Junior glasses!

These are the first installment of kids glasses available on our site. We couldn’t think of a better brand to start with. Not just because of how popular the brand is, but also because of its attention to detail. There’s a lot more to these cool glasses than originally meets the eye.

Getting designer glasses may not be the first thing you think of. Yes there are cheaper alternatives. Especially in the UK with the NHS. But sometimes, cheaper isn’t always better. Cheaper and unbranded glasses usually mean poor and cheap materials. Therefore, leaving a standard frame, not built with kids in mind. Thus, easily breakable.


Why Parents will love them

Ray-Ban design the glasses like their adult frames and designs. However, each is undergo modifications to ensure they are child friendly. It’s no secret kids play, tumble and get into all sorts of situations an adult doesn’t. Therefore, their glasses will have to go through a lot more than an adults. That is why there are a few nifty changes and additions to ensure your child gets the best glasses experience. After all, which child would choose to wear glasses all day everyday?

A common material Ray-Ban use for their kids collections is Acetate. This material is common in eyewear due to the robust, light and flexible properties. Not only that, but acetate is malleable once heated. Allowing the frame to alter as your child’s face grows and changes shape. Most opticians will do this for free if you walk in with your child, their glasses and ask politely.

Ray-Ban Junior Glasses on wooder cabinet | EyeWearKnowledge - Why Ray-Ban Junior Glasses | EyeWearThese

For added robustness, some frames feature a combination of acetate and metal. The metal frames are also robust, light and flexible too. Just because they’re metal, don’t be fooled into thinking the frame will be heavy and overly rigid. In most cases, the metal frames feature rubber inserts. This is something only really seen in the Ray-Ban Junior Glasses designs. The reason? To add more comfort and stability compared to just metal.

Young boy wearing Ray-Ban Junior Glasses | EyeWearKnowledge - Why Ray-Ban Junior Glasses? | EyeWearThese.com

After all, if you are as active as a child is, metal rubbing on the side of your face isn’t too pleasant. In addition the nylon and metal materials used to create the frames are hypoallergenic. Thus, it is very, very rare that your child will have allergies against the materials.

Finally, what we love the most, are the flex hinges and mono block hinges used. The mono block hinge is a screwless design. Avoiding that annoying moment where the temple detaches and you have to find the tiny screw. These, like the flex hinges are smooth are have a range of movement. Therefore allowing the glasses to take impact or be bent unnaturally yet return to its usual shape.

Why Kids will love them

It’s all well and good you loving the frame, but your kid needs to too. However we don’t think that is much of a problem. The styles in the collection are adult styles re-imagined. Almost as if just shrunk down to fit a childs face. But obviously with the materials and technology to ensure comfort, safety and practicality. Ray-Ban strive to create young frames for the young fashion conscious. But we think beyond that. With these frames they can look like the hero’s in their lives. Their older siblings, parents and popular figures without having to wait until they’re big enough for adult Ray-Ban frames.


2018 has seen a rise in awareness of how children wish to publish who they are to the world. Kids are more strong minded than ever. They know what they want, and are determined they know who they are. Kids love to show off their personality. So there’s no better way with the color choices of the Ray-Ban Junior glasses. They’re free to show off their choices and personality through their eyewear. And, after all, being so excited to wear their glasses which represent them, will ensure they’re glued to their faces. Not on the side, not aiding their eyes.

In addition, if they love them as much as we know they will, wearing glasses at school won’t be a bad thing. Often children won’t wear glasses around friends and class mates. But this is where they need the glasses most. Having comfortable, cool and trendy glasses will ensure they wear them to show them off. Thus allowing them to see the board and concentrate for longer.

Girl Wearing Ray-Ban Junior Glasses | EyeWearThese - Why Ray-Ban Junior Glasses | EyeWearThese.com

Final thoughts

Ray-Ban are a popular brand. This has been built on great products and design. The attention to detail for kids glasses are second to non. Therefore, we believe that if you are looking for a frame that will last until your child grows out it, Ray-Ban Junior Glasses are the way to go. Kids have the ability to express themselves and not be help back by cheap build qualities. And yes, you have to pay more initially, but in the long run, you are likely to save on repairs and replacement pairs.

To top off the Ray-Ban kids frame, why not add a digital blue light protection coating? Kids are constantly on a screen, therefore constantly experiencing blue light exposure. To further protect your childs eyes from eye related health risks, adding this coating is a simple and easy precaution.