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EyeWearKnowledge – Blue Light Exposure in the Office

March 28, 2018

Those headaches, tired eyes and bad back/neck pains could be easily irradiated. By taking precautions to reduce the amount of Blue Light exposure at work, you could be more comfortable at your desk. So, you’re more comfortable at your desk and therefore happier and more productive.

(Read Time – Approx 2 min 56 sec)

Blue Light Exposure in the Office

By Joshua Paget / For EyeWearThese.com / EyeWearKnowledge
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What is Blue Light?


Blue Light is a wave of visible light. It travels through the air and hits particles. The particles then disperse and make the sky look blue. Blue Light also takes the brunt of the bad press for being a harmful light that damages our health and ruins our sleep.

A natural source (the sun) of Blue Light is essential and positive to the body. Blue light regulates melatonin, a hormone that helps a natural sleep and wake pattern. A good sleep and wake cycle boosts alertness, well-being and heightens reaction times. It also reduces the risk of diabetes and obesity.

blue light exposure in the office | Light Spectrum image | EyeWearThese

Sources of Blue Light GIF | EyeWearThese




Artificial sources of Blue Light include, screens, energy-saving fluorescent bulbs and LED lights. These can cause a bad sleep cycle and discomfort in an office environment. Check out what you can do to reduce your headaches and tired eyes at work below! (More information on Blue Light can be found here)

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What are the Effects?



43% of adults work in a job that requires prolonged use of a computer or tablet. In addition to this statistic, 70% of Adults who report regular use of media devices experience symptoms of digital eyestrain yet don’t act on lessening the discomfort due to lack of knowledge. The symptoms consist of: blurry vision, difficulty focusing, dry and irritated eyes, headaches and/or neck and back pain. So you can adjust your seating position or use a standing desk, but still suffer from one of these symptoms due to Blue Light.

blue light exposure in the office | Man with Eye Strain | EyeWearThese

Digital strain is caused by the shortwave and high energy properties of Blue Light causing a flickering and glare. In an office environment Blue Light is everpresent. The computer screen will emit Blue Light, the energy-saving fluorescent or LED lights above your head will emit the Blue light, and your phone you look at during your lunch will also emit Blue Light, and that’s just while you’re at your 9-5.

The constant exposure can go far beyond digital eye strain. Overexposure to blue light can lead to retinal damage which can cause Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD). This is an irreversible health problem and currently has no cure.

blue light exposure in the office | Tired working behind a computer | EyeWearThese



Blue Light has the power to change a person’s Circadian Rhythm. A Circadian Rhythm is the sleep/wake cycle your body has; it is almost like an internal 24 hour clock in your brain saying when you should be awake or sleeping. It takes its cue from the Blue Light of the sun. Changes in your sleep/wake cycle can come from lots of things like jet lag, daylight savings or Blue Light. Overexposure to blue light will suppress melatonin, so in turn change how well you sleep, all from being at work. This can then change your alertness, concentration the next day and productivity. A Harvard study even linked a change in Circadian Rhythms with Obesity.

How to reduce your exposure.

Since the office you work in, is more than likely owned by your employer, and you can’t go around changing the lightbulbs and replacing yours and everyone else’s monitor to a reduced blue light monitor, we think the best option is to use a pair of glasses with Digital Blue Light Protection.



Our glasses frames come with the option to add Digital Blue Light Protection. This coating filters out most blue light rays, like sunglasses do with UV light. This protects the eye from overexposure from Blue Light in the office. The lens can hold a prescription, or not if you don’t require a prescription lens. This should help lower the amount of Blue Light entering your eye and causing digital eye strain symptoms or ruining your sleep cycles, thus affecting your work the next day. The Blue Light block on the lens will also go a long way to preventing/reducing your risk of AMD. We think these are a stylish and easy way to be more comfortable at work, and even at home too.


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