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EyeWearKnowledge – Benefits of Oakley Lenses

October 26, 2018

Oakley is one of the biggest eyewear brands in the world. But why? One of the main reasons are their lenses. After years of scientific research, Oakley lenses are some of the best on the planet. We take a look into the benefits of Oakley Lenses to you.

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Benefits of Oakley Lenses

By Joshua Paget / For EyeWearThese.com / EyeWearKnowledge
Oakley Jawbreaker Sunglasses | White Oakley Jawbreakers with Prizm Lenses | Benefits of Oakley Lenses Banner | EyeWearthese

Whats the big deal?

You may have heard of a lot of jargon that Oakley use to describe their lenses. Prizm, HDO and plutonite are some terms. Luckily we have summarized these over in our glossary area. However, you may still be thinking, “So what that the lens is plutonite with HDO boasting a Prizm Lens coating, why is that a good thing?”. Or you might not. Either way, we aim to explain a bit more to why this is a bit of a big deal. And then, you can buy the right lens for you with an informed decision.

Clearer Vision

Lenses serve a couple of purposes: to protect our eyes from UV light and to make things a little less bright. But sometimes popping on a pair of sunglasses decreases the clarity of your vision. Yes the sun is less severe. And yes your eyes are protected from UV light. However, it isn’t crystal clear. This can happen from cheap high street sunglasses manufactured at low costs with budget materials. However, using a mixture of complex materials and binding them without glue. (Yes, some lenses are bound with glue. Imaging trying to look through a layer of that!) And the lens is a whole lot easier to see though. Therefore providing a clearer optical experience. That is exactly how Oakley lenses are created and makes up a big part of the HDO (High Definition Optics) part of the lens.

Oakley Jawbreaker with everyday Prizm Lens | EyeWearKnowledge | Benefits of Oakley Lenses

In addition, light passing through the lens refracts in some lenses. This means the light isn’t focusing solely on one spot at the back of the eye. Lenses that don’t encourage light to converge into one spot enhance an unclear visual. Having this happen not only creates an unclear image but makes the eye and brain work much more. They have to combine to stitch multiple images together to process just one. This happens from the spread of light. By converging the light though the lens and hitting the eye in one spot, the eye works less and vision is more clear. This is how the HDO lens works and benefits the clarity of vision.

Oakley Jawbreaker with Prizm Raod Lens | Small image of EyeWearKnowledge Benefits of Oakley lenses | EyeWearThese

Enhanced Colors

Similarly to clarity, donning a pair of shades sometimes just dulls everything. Therefore a beautiful sunny day looks like a normal overcast one. That’s not what you want. Being able to see the world in its colorful glory is precious. Something we take for granted, yet always amazing, especially when traveling in a new place. Being able to see the worlds colors also enhances your sporting performance. Imagine, you’re plowing down a ski slope. Sun bouncing off the crisp white snow. It all looks smooth. But in reality it isn’t, it never really is. There are always contours, bumps or tread marks from skis or snowboards. Being able to spot these can improve your edge. Just like when cycling, spotting potholes or tree roots will improve your edge. Having color and contrast enhanced specific to your sport or just for everyday greatly improves your visual experience. Therefore you can perform to higher levels of enjoy the true beauty of your surroundings.

Oakley lenses provide this. From years of scientific research, Oakley provide lenses based on sporting needs. If your surroundings take you on the road, maybe you’re a runner or cyclist, there’s a lens for that. Or on the deep sea, there’s a lens for that. By simply choosing the frame you love and will love your needs and coupling it with a Prizm lens for your sport/surroundings, improves your worlds color and contrast greatly.


One of the benefits of Oakley Lenses are the protection they provide. Oakley sunglasses go through a lot before they’re ready for the public. Oakley extensively test their products. Way beyond any situation that would commonly occur. This includes testing the lenses for impact resistance. Oakley fire objects at the lens at a high velocity. The lens protects the eye immensely. These tests are ANSI (American National Standards Institute) approved and, in many cases surpass what is required to pass the ANSI tests. This is something we love. Eye health is a big thing at EyeWearThese, and having the right gear to protect eyes and sight is essential.

UV light is ever present outside. Unfortunately, too much of it is damaging. UV is one of the leading cause of cataracts. Over exposure is easy to come by. In fact the average person has received 80% of their life’s UV exposure by the age of 20. So covering up your peepers with UV blocking sunglasses all year round is essential. However, like most things, it isn’t just that simple a lot of the time. Ultra Violet light contains different categories. There is UVA, UVB and UVC. Each with different wavelength power and health risks. Some lenses protect from 100% UVA and UVB, these are UV400 lenses. Which is a great deal of UV protection. The problem? Some cheaper designs boast spray on coatings. The coating possesses a UV400 coating which rubs off when cleaning. More expensive lenses like those in designer sunglasses keep their coating and protect from the UVA and UVB lenses. However, UVC light will still break through the coating. Oakley lenses however protect 100% from all three UV light categories. This is due to the Plutonite material used. Giving strong piece of mind that you are constantly protected.

Oakley Jawbreaker with Plutonite lens | Small image EyeWearKnowledge Benefits of Oakley lenses | EyeWearThese

In Conclusion

Overall, there are a plethora of benefits of Oakley Lenses. From clarity to protection. From sporting to everyday, your eyes will be protected and vision enhanced. We are big Oakley fans at EyeWearThese especially for sporting eyewear. Athletes wear Oakley for a reason, and that reason is the build, technology and the benefits of Oakley lenses.

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