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All Designer, All Protective.


All of our designer glasses frames can have our Digital Blue Light Protection added. That means you can have a designer frame and a lens that isn't tinted. They still protect you from Blue Light exposure, and you still look amazing.




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Protection from Screens




Due to screens becoming more of a daily necessity, our exposure to Blue Light is growing. This means our eyes are being exposed to dangerous Blue Light. Our eyes can't naturally filter out this Blue Light and therefore, screens and some lights are doing more harm than most are aware of. Generally speaking, when spending your whole day in front of a screen, a Digital Blue Light Protection Coating will give your eyes a welcomed rest, making your day more comfortable. Blue Light has the ability to change our sleeping patterns, which has the possibility to lead to major health risks including diabetes. In addition, Blue Light is becoming more and more responsible for AMD. AMD is Age Related Macular Degeneration. This is where the central vision is lost leaving only peripheral vision.









Making Screens More Comfortable




Blue Light is a high energy light wave. Due to this, a flickering and glare occurs when emitted from screens. This glare and flicker creates more than one image in the eye. Therefore leaving the brain to piece together these images. Because the brain and eye are having to work more, the eye fatigues quicker and headaches may arise. With Digital Blue Protection, more waves are blocked, reducing the work load of the eye and brain, leading to a more comfortable screen experience.




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Protected and Protective



Not only does the Digital Blue Light Protection Coating protect from blue light but also it protects from harmful UV Rays. The Essilor lenses we use to add our Digital Blue Light Protection too, also have a hardcoat. This Hardcoat is very scratch resistant, protecting the lens from daily wear and tear. Furthermore, a hydrophobic coating is applied so the lenses are easier to keep clean. This is a lens for all life throws at you, not just for use in front of a screen.

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Blue Light is everywhere we go

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For Home

At home relaxing generally includes a screen. Be it watching TV, using a tablet or mobile, on a computer or reading an ereader, blue light is still present. Protecting your eyes while at home is easy with a pair of glasses with Digital Blue Light Protection.

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For Work

Working long hours in front of a screen can cause tired eyes and headaches. This is due to Blue Light the majority of the time. Wearing a pair of designer glasses with Digital Blue Light Protection will reduce this, and keep you protected from AMD.


It's as easy as 1,2,3,4

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