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Buy Daily Contact Lenses

Daily Contact lenses are somewhat the easiest contact lenses to keep and maintain. Simply pop them in and then throw them away. These are the most hygenic option for anyone. This is becuase there is no need to wash and store them overnight. Most prefer these lenses due to the easy maintenance and find them more comfortable. Mostly those living an active lifestyle, or work long hours, tend to favour the daily contact lens. 

What are Daily Contact Lenses?

Daily contact lenses are often referred to as daily lenses or as daily disposable contact lenses.

Whatever you call them, the clue really is in the name. These lenses are contact lenses for one day. You take them out and dispose of them after their use.

As technology continues to improve the wearable time improves. What we mean by this is some lenses can be worn up to 16 hours a day. That is a mammoth improvement on the original times.

These lenses are the easiest by far to use. This makes it perfect for new contact lens wearers and for busy lifestyles. No need to soak them in solution and keep them clean for days on end.
Yet, these aren’t great for those who hate waste. Due to needing a new pair of lenses a day, you will find you are accumulating a lot of waste in your bin.

What Vision Problems do Daily Contact Lenses Correct?

Daily disposable contact lenses can improve many vision problems. This includes:

  • Short-sightedness

  • Long-sIghtedness

  • Astigmatism (toric daily contact lenses)

  • Presbyopia (multifocal daily lenses)

Why Choose Daily Contact Lenses?

There are many reasons people choose Daily disposable lenses. One of the biggest is being ease.

Being able to just wear and remove saves a lot of time. You can keep on top of contact lens care perfectly. Plus you don’t have to think about sorting your lenses before bed. Simply remove them and the next day open a new packed.

Many choose daily contact lenses for hygiene reasons too. As we’ve mentioned, using a new pair each day gives that crisp first-day vision you get with monthlies and weekly lenses. Except you get that every single day. Not just the first day of the month or week.

Because you remove them every day you’re stopping the build-up of proteins in the eye. This can cause irritation and blurry vision. The exact opposite reason you wear lenses for.

We think that Daily disposable lenses are perfect for those who only wear contact lenses for sport. Or, those who wear them for aesthetic reasons on nights out for example.

It is easy to keep track of how many days you can wear them, unlike with monthlies.

Advice on Choosing Daily Contact Lenses

Choosing daily contact lenses is a mixture of preference and need.

You need the right lens to correct your vision. You need the right daily disposable contact lenses to make your eyes feel comfortable.

You’ll have your own preference for what you like more. For example, there are many lenses that offer the same amount of water content or oxygen permeability. Yet, one brand will feel better personally for you.

First, you should know what lenses you need. This will come from your optician. They will, or will have, let you know what product(s) suit your needs.

As a general rule of thumb, if you suffer from irritated or dry eyes go for high water content or oxygen permeability. Our recommendations are Dailies AquaComfort Plus or 1 Day Acuvue Moist.

Having good protection against UV light is also important. Sunglasses are your best protection here. Yet, who is wearing sunglasses in overcast weather when you can still get UV damage? That is why again we recommend 1 Day Acuvue Moist. These offer great UV protection with or without sunglasses.

Types of Daily Contact Lenses

  • Hydrogel Daily Contact Lenses. These are the most traditional material found for daily lenses. This material retains much higher levels of water. This helps with dry eyes.

  • Silicone Hydrogel Daily Contact Lenses. These are some of the most popular materials found. This allows for more oxygen to pass through the lens into the eye. Therefore feeling comfortable and really healthy.

  • Toric. This is a type of daily contact lenses that helps those with astigmatism.

  • Multifocal daily contact lenses. These allow correction of vision over different distances. Much like varifocal glasses.

How Many Hours Can I wear Daily Contact Lenses?

In short, 8 hours.

As a general rule of thumb daily disposable lenses are to be worn comfortably for 8 hours at a time.

Yet, some brands allow for extended wear. This can be up to 16 hours, so double what is normal! These are a little more expensive, but worth it for those who wear their daily contact lenses from dusk till dawn.
This also depends on you personally. Some people feel comfortable in their lenses for longer than other people do. It also depends on the advice from your optician.

Can you wear Daily Contacts for more than one day?

No. Not at all. We do not recommend this.

Daily Disposable contact lenses have this name for a reason. You dispose of them at the end of the day.

Each lens is manufactured specifically for this short lifespan. If you try to extend it you risk eye health problems. This is due to the lack of bacterial resistance. Unlike longer-lasting lenses, dailies don’t resist protein deposits or bacteria.

If you’re thinking of using a cleaning solution to prolong the lifespan, again, don’t. This can have the complete opposite effect you're aiming for. Instead of increasing the lifespan, a cleaning solution can in fact deteriorate the lens faster.

Simply dispose of the lens at the end of the day.

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