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Oakley Snow Goggles

Oakley Snow Goggles

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Oakley Snow Goggles

Oakley are the ultimate specialist in winter sports eyewear having servicing the snow goggles and snow sunglasses market for over 35 years. Since we saw the very first Oakley O-frame goggle way back in 1980, Oakley have successfully launched a series of innovative, technological advancements in snow goggles to keep the brand as the first choice for winter sports enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Never before has an Oakley customer had so much choice in their snow eyewear, lens technology such as High Definition Optics allow for the clearest, sharpest, most accurate vision whilst the latest tech, Oakley Prizm, is a new lens technology that fine tunes vision for winter sports. The lenses dramatically enhance contrast and visibility over a wide range of light conditions meaning you can now see detail in the snow like never before – perfect for identifying your preferred descent depending on your level of ski/snowboarding experience.

Frame technology has been on the move also, Oakley Switchlock has revolutionized a snow enthusiasts goggle of choice as Switchlock allows quick, hassle-free lens changing. Out on the slopes this means more hours out on the white-stuff as unexpected weather changes no longer ground your enjoyment. Simply take out your spare tinted lens, swap to suit the weather conditions and get back on the move – simple. Furthermore, Oakley lenses have redefined what is considered acceptable when it comes to impact protection. All lenses provide impact protection unmatched by any other and giving you peace of mind, safe in the knowledge that an unexpected white-outs provide your eyes with the ultimate in goggle protection.  Click here to read how Oakley’s impact protection saved stars eyesight after serious strike to the face.