Six of the Best September 2019


In this month’s six of the best we look at both designer sunglasses and designer glasses. September is the turn of the seasons. The sun is still present but also, the days are getting shorter. Glasses are more favored to be purchased as we spend more time indoors or in, what seems, eternal darkness. So, discover our top picks for this month and let us help you find your perfect designer sunglasses. Or let us sway you towards a pair of designer glasses online.

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1. Ray-Ban 3447 Round Sunglasses.


Ray-Ban Round Metal sunglasses. Ray-Ban 3447 Sunglasses. Whatever you call them, they’re an icon. A true symbol of past and current trends colliding into modern outfits. The round shape is really a look attributed to the ’60s. Think John Lennon and an era dominated by The Beatles. That is the true birthplace of the round style. Ray-Ban just made it a whole lot cooler and easier to buy and wear.

The Ray-Ban Round Metal is a lightweight frame. This is thanks to the super-thin metal frame. The metal changes color from colorway to colorway, giving a range of choices for different styles and complexions. The plastic temple tips sit on top of the metal frame, this makes sure the sunglasses fit comfortably around your ear. Couple this with adjustable nose-padsand you have comfortable wear for a long time.

The minimal design is what is so charming about these sunglasses. The frame features a small engraved design, but only a subtle one. This is as distinct as the Ray-Ban name itself which is printed on the right lens. It is no wonder why the Ray-Ban 3447 Sunglasses keep going from strength to strength. We’ve seen a steady rise from 2018 to 2019 in the number of people wearing this style.

Ray-Ban 3447 Round Metal Sunglasses image for Six of the Best September 2019 | EyeWearThese
Oakley Pitchman R Sunglasses image for Six of the Best September 2019 | EyeWearThese


2. Oakley Pitchman R Sunglasses


The Oakley Pitchman R sunglasses follow the same pattern as the Ray-Ban Round Metal. It has a vintage look and holds that distinctive round shape. The Pitchman R Sunglasses are the rounder version of the classic Oakley Pitchman sunglasses. And, in our opinion, we think they’re a great fashionable upgrade on the original. 

However, the rounded shape of the lens hasn’t lead Oakley to take their eye off the ball when it comes to technology. Actually, Oakley will never release sunglasses without an array of tech in our opinion. The three-point fit feature, which is a standard feature, enables the HDO lenses to stay in perfect alignment. So, you get that perfect optical experience no matter what you are doing. 

We would say that the Oakley Pitchman R sunglasses are more lifestyle than sporty. However, unobtainium features are added to the frame to increase grip even when sweating. Add this to the super lightweight, yet strong O-Matter frame and the Oakley Pitchman R Sunglasses come up trumps when you’re looking for a light and comfortable pair of sunglasses.


3. Oliver Peoples Boudreau LA Sunglasses


The Oliver Peoples Boudreau LA sunglasses are one of the best choices from Oliver Peoples. Why? Just look at them, they’re a beauty, a minimalistic masterpiece handcrafted in Italy with top of the range acetate and rare elements making up the lenses.  

This vintage-looking style is edgy and sleek. Thick rims and a prominent keyhole bridge don’t hold back in making a statement. Perfect for that woman looking for a large celeb like style. However bold and edgy these Boudreau LA sunglasses are, there’s no escaping the beauty of the minimal design. 

Oliver Peoples could easily have gone the whole hog and off-brand to really build on the standout look of these sunglasses. A flashy floral design like D&G sunglasses or a gem emblazoned style like Bvlgari wouldn’t be out of place. But that isn’t Oliver Peoples’ style. And we are glad of it. There is something so refreshing about letting the material do the telling in this design. And each pair is uniquely different thanks to the handcrafted acetate frame.

Oliver Peoples Bourdreau Sunglasses image for Six of the Best September 2019 | EyeWearThese
Persol 3092v glasses image for Six of the Best September 2019 | EyeWearThese


4. Persol 3092v Glasses


Prescription Persol glasses are some of the best available. The Persol 3092v Glasses are part of that category. From the design to the build quality Persol should undoubtedly be high on your list to try. 

The vintage-looking Persol 3092v glasses follow the same blueprint that all Persol glasses follow. We start with the acetate. This is a premium acetate that is hypoallergenic for starters. Furthermore, it is light and strong, allowing for comfortable yet robust wear. Taking everyday bumps in its stride. 

Next, the clever little Meflecto system is added to the temples. Notice the little metal lines in the arms? That is the Meflecto system. This is a patented design that allows the temples to be more flexible than those without it. Therefore, the pressure is released from the sides of the head, creating one of the most comfortable fitting glasses you’ve ever worn.


5. Bvlgari 3029 Glasses


When it comes to the top of the range, luxurious items, Bvlgari reigns supreme. It is a brand that comes to mind for many when thinking of jewelry and watches alike. And so should Bvlgari Glasses in our opinion. The build quality is as premium as you’d expect, and the designs range from red carpet-worthy to working 9-5. These stunning Bvlgari 3029 Glasses represent that perfectly. 

The sleek rectangular shape is always in style. It suits many face shapes, flattering heart, rectangle, oval and round face shapes the most. The almost minimalistic look allows these glasses to be worn for many occasions. So these are a great choice for all-day, everyday wear. 

A simple print of the Bvlgari name features on both temples. This gives a great sense of brand recognition, just to show off a little to those looking in awe at your glasses. However, our favorite part of these glasses is the hinges. Hear us out, we know hinge sounds dull, but on the Bvlgari 3029 glasses, they’re a little special. The hinge used is actually the same hinge used on Bvlgari watches. We love how Bvlgari has incorporated this across the two accessories harmoniously. And it doesn’t look out of place at all. So, for the true die-hard Bvlgari fans, you could match your Bvlgari watch with your Bvlgari Glasses seamlessly.

Bvlgari 3029 glasses image for Six of the Best September 2019 | EyeWearThese
Armani Exchange 1036 glasses image for Six of the Best September 2019 | EyeWearThese


6. Armani Exchange 1036 Glasses


At EyeWearThese we pride ourselves on offering the newest designer glasses online. So that is one reason why these Armani Exchange 1036 Glasses have made it onto this month’s Six of the Best list. They’re brand spanking new as they are apart of the Armani Exchange SS19 collection. And they’re ideal for going into the winter months. 

Much like the Bvlgari Glasses above, these Armani Exchange glasses are a rectangular shape. However, in true A|X style the bottom of the rim slightly shapes away in an irregular way. This adds a contemporary and youthful look to the design that is really refreshing. 

What we love about these glasses are the flashes of color. The rest of the design is somewhat tame and reminiscent of many other products. However, the contrasting temple tip color design is a real winner for us. It adds another dimension, a strong brand ethos from Armani Exchange and a way to really show off your personality. And finally, they’re modeled by Martin Garrix in the AX Glasses ad campaign and they look amazing. What more do you need to know to be convinced to try these designer glasses?

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