Six of the Best October 2019

October, a spooky, colder and more pumpkin-spiced tasting month. A true feeling that winter is well on its way. The sun sits lower at commuting times meaning sunglasses are just as important as they are at the height of summer. Yet, spending more time indoors in an evening to hide from the cold means our glasses are worn more. So, it also makes for a great time to upgrade those current designer glasses of yours. We go through some of our favorite designer sunglasses and prescription glasses for this October!


1. Ray-Ban Aviator 3025 Sunglasses


The don. The creme de la creme of aviators. Superlatives to describe these Ray-Ban 3025 Sunglasses are endless. These are the original aviator and they’re still going strong. In the early 20th Century, Ray-Ban Aviators are the first choice for the US Airforce. Today, they’re the first choice for many of us.

Many brands try to copy or emulate the aviator, but non will ever be the Ray-Ban Aviator 3025. The classic style hasn’t changed much since its creation. There are different variations by Ray-Ban, however, the original hasn’t differed. The thin rims and temples are a classic look and feature. A deep dipped aviator shaped lens shows off a huge lot of personality that you’d expect. Finally, a thin top bar for strength and a rounded bridge round off an iconic look.

We get asked a lot, “will aviators suit me?”. Luckily for you, we have a great article on this. But for those wanting fast answers: aviators will suit most face shapes apart from rectangular ones. The aviator, in particular, the Ray-ban 3025, offers so much personality and style. This is why they’re worn by some of the biggest celebs, from movie stars to artists, reality stars to influencers.

Six of the Best - October 2019 | Ray-Ban 3025 Sunglasses for Six of the best | EyeWearThese
Six of the Best October 2019 | Oakley Latch Beta Sunglasses for Six of the best October 2019 | EyeWearThese


2.Oakley Latch Beta Sunglasses


Oakley is innovative. They’re a leader in sports eyewear and technology in all their products. They make products beautifully adaptable to make our everyday and sporting adventures simple and straight forward. However, to confuse us a little, they created the Latch and now release the Oakley Latch Beta. Yet, we’ll let them off as these designer sunglasses are a little bit special. 




Firstly these Oakley Latch Beta sunglasses are great to look at. They’re a really on-trend style and are really built for lifestyle. The larger, almost hexagonal shape really buys into current sunglasses trends of geometric shapes. Next up is the top-bar, a feature becoming more prominent on many new styles. Making these a really fashionable choice for an Oakley fan. Not to mention, the great Latch system on the temple. Hence the name. A little clip features on the hinges to allow you to safely clip the sunglasses to your shirt. Nifty right? 




And of course, you cannot forget the range of Oakley tech that comes as standard. The three-point fit for comfort and HDO lenses for clear optics are present. Plus, you have a wide range of lens options for Oakley polarized to prizm, all to suit your lifestyle and use of the Latch Beta sunglasses.


3.Oliver Peoples O'Malley Sunglasses


We are huge fans of Oliver Peoples Sunglasses at EyeWearThese. The way the Californian brand blends luxury, vintage yet minimalistic designs and premium materials is breathtaking. It is easy to see why they have such a cult following. And, one of their iconic pieces, O'Malley sunglasses, make our 6 of the best October 2019 list. Why? Well let us tell you why. 




The Oliver Peoples O'Malley sunglasses seem to have been around for so long thanks to their popularity. The simple design is easy to wear and fall in love with. The premium acetate frame is handcrafted in Italy. After all, where else would you want your sunglasses handmade other than the sunglasses capital of the world? And the lenses are a blend of three rare elements creating crystal clear views. 




For the fashion-conscious, you’ll realize that round is in again. For those not so fashion-conscious, you’ll see these sunglasses are beautiful to look at. The minimalistic design allows these sunglasses to be a chameleon of your outfit, fitting in on many occasions. Plus, the range of colours available, including a transparent frame option, your personality and style can really shine through. We also think the transparent Oliver Peoples O’Malley sunglasses are perfect for autumn.

Six of the Best - Oakley 2019 | Oliver Peoples O'Malley Sunglasses for October Six of the Best 2019 | EyeWearThese
Six of the Best - October 2019 | Persol 3012v glasses for Six of the Best | EyeWearThese


4. Persol 3012v Glasses


Persol glasses are some of the most stylish, well built and comfortable. The Persol 3120v Glasses are no different. This classic style is one for years to come, and the Havana style makes it perfect for the winter months, and great for light complexions and hair too. It’s hard to find a fault in these glasses, to be honest, so we won’t.




Firstly the shape is the main focus on these minimal designer glasses. They’re rectangular shaped glasses. Therefore, these will suit many face shapes, flattering many, and be always be in style, just like rectangular glasses are. The frame is made of high-quality acetate that is hypoallergenic, meaning even the frame will be kind to your face, not just the shape. The lack of nose-pads with arms see a molded nose pad feature. This helps keep the frame close to the nose and reduced the amount of “wobble” you could potentially receive. 




Where Persol Glasses really shine is with comfort. The Meflecto mechanism is of course present. This allows the temples to bend past what is classed as standard. This removes pressure on the head and improves fit. So, the Persol 3012v Glasses really make for a perfect choice when it comes to all-day wear. No need to worry if the frames will become uncomfortable in the slightest.


5. Arnette Hang 5 Glasses


Arnette creates great youthful designs. The Arnette Hang 5 glasses are a great example of this. It feeds off modern trends and displays a style that will last for years to come. These Arnette glasses are from the latest collection and are specifically for a male audience. We think the large dominant lines in this design will really look great on oval and round faces. 




The square, almost wayfarer like shape is a classic. One that is becoming even more sought after in the prescription glasses world. This hints at an almost geek chic look. The design incorporates a beautiful level of rounded and sharp angles. This creates a very intriguing style that we cannot get enough of. We see these being a huge hit with those looking for a contemporary look that’ll last. 




Those who are keen Arnette fans will love the branding on the Arnette Hang 5 Glasses. It is clear, contrasting and perfect for brand recognition. Even those who aren’t Arnette fans yet but love to show off their branded items will get much joy from these glasses. We truly think these glasses are a pair that allow you to show off your style and personality through.

Six of the Best - October 2019 | Arnette Hang Five glasses | EyeWearThese
Six of the Best - October 2019 | Valentino 3039 glasses | EyeWearThese


6. Valentino 3039 Glasses


Valentino are a new brand to us. We have recently started to stock Valentino glasses, including some of the best from their new release. This includes these amazing Valentino 3039 Glasses. A real dramatic pair that incorporates everything the brand stands for and the lovers of Valentino look for. 


A strong dramatic cat-eye is front and center here. Slightly squared at the bottom, this helps suit more face shapes too. These really are for the divas among us who love to show off their strong style. Big personalities are at home with these. As are the true Valentino fans too. Helped by the plain and clear Valentino name for brand recognition. 




The real focus on these Valentino glasses is the “spikes”. Synonymous with the Valentino brand the spikes are unique and really eye-catching. This really takes a minimal design to a real talking point. They add a sense of danger and really pop at the top of the rim.

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