Six of the Best - November 2019


Is it time to buy your next eyewear on the internet? In Six of the Best - November 2019 EyeWearThese bring you six of the best to help you decide what's best for you.

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1.Ray-Ban Erika Sunglasses

Ray-Ban Erika sunglasses are some of the most popular Ray-Ban sunglasses. It isn’t hard to imagine why. The style is one that fits in no matter what current fashion dictates or what the occasion is! These are predominantly a female style. However, we say, if they fit then wear them! They’re too good, and look too good on both men and women.

The rimsare a soft-touch rubberized material. This keeps them light, robust and comfortable. Great for where they sit on your face. In a clever choice, the temples are really thin and metal. This balances out the rims perfectly. Allowing for the sunglasses to enhance your face rather than look like they’re sitting heavy. In addition, the temple tips of the frames are plastic-covered for a cosy fit around the ear compared to the metal.

The Ray-Ban name is printed on the lens and etched into the temples. This provides great brand recognition. So, Erika Sunglasses provide comfort, style and brand recognition. What more could you want? If that isn’t enough, we can guarantee you that this slightly vintage looking style won’t be out of fashion anytime soon.

Six of the Best - November 2019 Ray-Ban Erika | EyeWearThese
Six of the Best - November 2019 Oakley Holston Sunglasses | EyeWearThese

2. Oakley Holston Sunglasses

Oakley are the kings of sunglasses for active lifestyles. Their loyal fans love the designs and wear lifestyle designs too. If that is you, have you thought about the Oakley Holston? Or maybe you’re wanting to try Oakley sunglasses but not sure what will suit you best. The Holston combines lifestyle and performance perfectly for that ideal blend so you only need that one pair of sunglasses.

The design is reminiscent of the lifestyle sunglass, Jupiter Squared. The temples are almost identical in shape and hint towards the temples seen on Ray-Ban sunglasses. So, you get a design that is perfectly acceptable to be seen wearing out shopping or at the beach. But the tech and shape allow for them to be used when going into your active life.

The lenses wrap nicely to stop light peering around the sides of the lenses. Three-Point Fittechnology keeps the lenses aligned perfectly to keep your eyes on the road ahead perfectly. All in all, these sunglasses are performance sunglasses in a beautiful and flattering design ready for everyday use as well as active use. A jack of all trades of the sunglasses world.

3.Oliver Peoples Bianka Sunglasses

Oliver Peoples hails from California. The home of movies, celebs and glam. Oliver Peoples Bianka sunglasses really embody all of that. These dramatic cat-eye sunglasses are celeb-esque. They’re also celeb certified, being worn by many a high profile name.

The design is phenomenal. A really daring and statement shape. One that really defines trends of the past year or so. The sleek look keeps them minimal in size while also allowing the acetate frame to taper off into a characterful shape. Which have of course been handcrafted like all Oliver Peoples eyewear.

One thing we would mention is that the design cuts away a the bottom of the lens. This is beautiful and adds a lot of character. However, on some faces, this can make the frame look top-heavy and therefore unflattering your face. We would strongly recommend if you’re new to this shape to take advantage of our Designer Sunglasses Home Trail to ensure you look as amazing as you deserve to look.

Six of the Best - November 2019 Oliver Peoples Bianka | EyeWearThese
Six of the Best - November 2019 Persol 3203v | EyeWearThese


4. Persol 3203V Glasses

When it comes to glasses, we do lean towards a pair of Persol Glasses. The unisex capability of almost every frame and the minimal design is just hard to look past. Each design is a classic in its own right. Look at these Persol 3203v Glasses. They’re a large square shape that is instantly stark and attractive to look at. 

The design here lends itself to flatter you where ever you need to wear your glasses. If that be at work, they look smart. If that out having fun, they look fashionable. A square shape flatters most face shapes too. And what is better, square is coming into trend. They’re never not stylish, but the tide is turning and swaying towards big square shapes. 

The frame is thin and similar in thickness all around. This gives a plain and minimal design we just adore. Add in the Meflecto system and Persol Arrow to break up the colour and acetate a little with some shiny metal and we implore you to find something not to like about these.


5. Vogue 5235s Sunglasses

Next up we have these Vogue Sunglasses. The Vogue 5253s Sunglasses are brand new for 2019. And, we cannot get enough. They sit in a similar category to the Oliver Peoples Bianka but we think these are more fashion-forward and less tame. Ideal for someone strong in their style. 

The design is thin and sleek. This sites and covers just the eyes and up to the brows really. Perfect for those looking for that small shades trend. The straight lines give sharp angles which flatter faces with rounded features perfectly. And, it gives a real sense of attitude from the eyewear. These sunglasses are huge this year and its evident why. 

The design comes from supermodel Gigi Hadid and her collaboration with Vogue. She has worn them herself out and about too many times. So they’ve got the catwalk stamp of approval. And we don’t blame her. We wish we could create something so stark and beautiful. Our favourite feature is the washed lenses which blend a super contemporary look to the design.

Six of the Best - November 2019 Vogue 5235s Sunglasses | EyeWearThese
Six of the Best - November 2019 Burberry 2289 glasses |  EyeWearThese


6. Burberry 2289 Glasses

Burberry constantly designs fashion-forward eyewear that is ideal for everyday lives. That is the best way we can describe these Burberry 2289 Glasses. They’re fashion-forward and perfect for your everyday life. They’re subtle enough to be worn at all occasions. Yet, the design is different enough and intriguing to be something you love to wear daily.

The shape is what really draws our eye here. It is unique. We love the playful blend of an oval lens, an almost cat-eye rim with a sheer line giving its unique shape. The end piece only slightly protrudes past the temple. Yet due to the thickness of the rim, some angles make it look like they protrude further than they do. A little illusion we love. Even the temple tips are angular after a smooth curve along the temple. 

The branding is really stark and simple which is great for those who love the brand recognition. But what we love is that each pair looks almost like a different pair of glasses completely depending on the color chosen. However, we have a preference of the black pair which is plain and professional. Plus the inner temples have a design that is like the inside of a Burberry Trench coat. It’s detail like that, that doesn’t go unnoticed at

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