Six of the best January 2019


Six of the Best January 2019: We round up the six best budget picks for January.

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January is a tough month. Still thinking of the great food eaten over Christmas while trying to diet. Or, trying to be a little more active for your New Years resolution. But, one thing for sure is money is a little tighter in January, but the urge for new clothes is still high. So, we have picked some of the cheapest and best designer sunglasses on EyeWearThese in our Six of the Best January 2019 post, that you can grab and blow away those January Blues.


1. Vogue 5166s Sunglasses

With our huge sale on (at time of writing) these Vogue 5166s Sunglasses start at £50. An absolute steal for a designer pair of sunglasses. These youthful looking sunglasses are available in a range of colors. If you love a bright splash in your winter wardrobe, then you've found a great pair in these designer Vogue Sunglasses. Alternatively, if your eye is drawn to the simple yet effect design of the 5166s sunglasses from Vogue, then a trusty plain black version is available. These are far from just a fashion focused pair of sunglasses. Yes, the sleek and minimal design is alluring, and the mixture of metal and acetate material is appealing but comfort has is also high priority. The temples are thin and light. This matches the overall design, but more importantly keeps weight down and improves comfort overall of the sunglasses.

Blue Vogue 5166s Sunglasses for Six of the Best January 2019 Blog Post | EyeWearThese
Ray-Ban Jackie OHH Sunglasses for Six of the Best January 2019 Blog | EyeWearThese


2. Ray-Ban Jackie OHH Sunglasses

One of the most feminine style Ray-Ban's are these amazing designer Ray-Ban Jackie OHH sunglasses. And at a £80 price tag (in our sale) these are hard to pass up on. Even in January. The frame is subtly oversized, therefore not dominating the face. Instead, they add a special and desirable design to the face which compliments. These oval shape sunglasses hint towards a subtle cat-eye shape. And that is something we love. Ensuring a unique and beautiful style. But furthermore, these offer a perfect amount of sun protection through the G-15 lens. In addition, the chunky temples will guard against light coming in from the sides of the lenses. This chunky design is one we really enjoy at EyeWearThese and will suit many styles and age ranges.


3. Emporio Armani 4058 Sunglasses

These youthful Emporio Armani Sunglasses are a great pair. Slightly masculine and simple in design and great on price. In our sale these designer Emporio Armani sunglasses start at £80. A great price for a pair that are perfect for that go to style. Ensuring those trusty pair of sunglasses match many styles and occasions is essential. And we think these Emporio Armani 4058 sunglasses do just that. With a nifty bit of texture in the design at the temple tips and contrasting blue and white colors, these sunglasses add enough intrigue, yet not too much to overpower your outfit or occasion. The rectangular shape is one that is a classic. It doesn't fade from style, meaning that for years to come, these sunglasses will be your pick and go sunglasses year after year.

Emporio Armani 4058 Sunglasses for Six of the Best Januray 2019 Blog Post |
Persol 3125s Sunglasses for Six of the Best January 2019 | EyeWearThese


4. Persol 3125s Sunglasses

You may be surprised to see Persol Sunglasses on this list. The brand offers premium quality and materials, however there is a pair on EyeWearThese right now starting at £80. A bargain for handmade sunglasses using some of the highest quality materials in the eyewear industry. These Persol 3125s sunglasses feature in the Reflex collection. This collection takes inspiration from cameras. Therefore, many of the design elements of the 3125s mimic cameras. This is mostly evident in the front. The lenses are round, mimicking the lens of a camera and the strong design creates an illusion of vintage cameras. The most notable difference is the omission of acetate temples and the meflecto system. These are instead replaced with thin metal temples which are super light.


5. Oakley Outpace Sunglasses

These Oakley Outpace sunglasses are brand new. Not only that but come in at just £80. Perfect for those looking for active wear for those New Years Resolutions. For women who are looking to run more or jump on a bike regularly these are a great pair. Full of great Oakley tech, these sunglasses are engineered for performance. The three-point fit technology and unobtainium features improve comfort and fit. This allows for the perfect optical experience through HDO and Prizm lenses. We recommend choosing a Prizm lens that correlates to your surrounding when performing to your max levels. This is due to the high levels of contrast and color enhancement of which improves your vision and in turn performance. The frame is a C-5 metal one. This is super strong while remaining light. We cannot recommend the Outpace more for Women who need eyewear for running and/or cycling.

Oakley Outpace Sunglasses for Six of the Best January 2019 | EyeWearThese
Burberry 4224 Sunglasses for Six of the Best January 2019 | EyeWearThese


6. Burberry 4224 Sunglasses

The priciest on the list comes from Burberry. We have these Burberry 4224 Sunglasses. These cat-eye sunglasses from the British brand are very feminine and feature a very stylish design. The Burberry 4224 Sunglasses are apart of the Acoustic Collection. A collection that celebrates British artists. Looking at these designer Burberry sunglasses we think autumn and winter. The colors available are very reminiscent of Burberry as a brand and colors of autumn and winter. The wire core features the Burberry check. This really sits these sunglasses in the Burberry Brand. The chunky feminine design is ideal for the fashionable and fashionistas amongst us.

(All prices correct at time of writing. A site wide sale was live during time of writing. Prices may differ in the future from those above.)

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